CNG Full Form: Compressed natural gas | What is the full form of CNG?

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CNG Full Form: Nowadays CNG is being used a lot in new cars and vehicles. do you know What is the full form of CNG (CNG)? You must have heard the name of CNG before this, and you must also know that CNG is a type of natural gas. But very few people know that “What is the full form of CNG?, What is the Full Form of CNG, So in today’s post we will tell you that What is CNG?  CNG Full Form, Advantages and Disadvantages of CNG Which are which?

Most of the cars in our country are repaired. In addition, whether the car is repaired or new, everyone wants to avoid excessive fuel consumption. The price of natural gas in our country is lower than that of fuel oil (petrol, diesel). That’s why most of the customers buy the car after buying it. CNG want to use. So if you want to know more about CNG then read this post completely.

About CNG

Compressed natural gas is a fuel gas made of petrol mainly composed of methane. It is compressed to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. CNG combustion reduces undesirable gases produced compared to previous sources. In comparison to other fuels, the energy vapor is less hazardous due to being light but more durable than air and disperses quickly when it enters liquid. In response to high fuel costs and environmental concerns, CNG is widely used in motor vehicles such as bus rickshaws bus pickup trucks and bus transportation vehicles. The cost of storing the fuel in transport containers is the main reason to limit usage of CNG as fuel.

CNG Full Form | What is the full form of CNG?| What is CNG?

CNG full form of compressed Natural Gas” It happens. CNG compressed natural gas is known as. As its name suggests it is Natural Gas It is made by compressing. The main component of CNG Methane (CH4) happens, it CNG compressor Compressed under high pressure by using

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CNG gas is mostly used as a fuel in vehicles. which vehicle CNG Gas let them go NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) is called. We all know that currently most of the vehicles are running on petrol or diesel which causes pollution. If you run your vehicle on CNG gas, it is cheaper than petrol or diesel and does not harm the environment. This is the reason why the government is promoting more CNG-run vehicles, which will reduce the number of vehicular traffic. Pollution can be reduced.


CNG is available in the deeper layers of the earth. As a result of the decay of organic matter millions of years ago Natural Gas appeared. It dissolves easily in the air because it is lighter than air. According to international statistics, natural gas reserves are 155 trillion cubic meters. every year 2 trillion cubic meters of Natural gas is consumed.

What are the elements of CNG?

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) In methane, ethane, propane, isobutane There are many elements, however each element does not have a chemical result on each other. Each of its elements is integrated with heavy hydrocarbons, nitrogen, helium as well as a percentage of sulfur dioxide. the nature of each part, Nature of CNG identifies. Since natural gas consists of greater than 90% methane, CNG is also called methane gas.

CNG It is a colorless as well as unsmelling gas. It has a mild blue fire when shed. It is lighter than air. It can become liquid at low temperature and also high pressure.

leakage of CNG To create odors in the CNG before it is sent out to the end-user to help in the discovery mercaptan is made use of. CNG is not as harmful as carbon monoxide, it is basically safe to the human body. Also then use CNG Can not be made use of for human breathing.

What are the benefits of CNG?

  1. compared to gasoline-powered vehicles CNG 70-80% and 40-50% economical as compared to LPG run vehicles.
  2. CNG It is replaced at the rate of 35-40 thousand kilometers when used, which does not cause any damage to the engine.
  3. CNG Engine It is more durable and has a longer life span than engines that use other types of fuel.
  4. Since natural gas Separated from other liquid fuels, so there’s no risk of it being stolen by pulling it out. This prevents the risk of theft.
  5. Because natural gas It is transported through pipelines so it does not pollute the environment like other fuels like petrol, LPG and diesel that are transported by trucks.
  6. The ignition point of gasoline is 300°C, the ignition point of LPG is 400°C, and the ignition point of CNG is 650°C. Considering its physical properties, CNG The hardest to ignite.
  7. Because natural gas is lighter than air, unlike other types of fuel (LPG, gasoline, etc.), in the event of an accident or problem, it quickly evaporates into the air and therefore does not cause ignition or explosion, unlike other types It is made
  8. CNG Maintenance cost is low.
  9. Compared to other fuels, it is noted that natural gas Produces 90% less nitrogen and 25% less carbon monoxide. natural gas does not contain aldehydes or other gaseous toxins, as is the case with other fuels.
  10. When compared to engines running on other types of fuel, the percentage of noise generation is 30% less.

How is CNG stored?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) It is filled in bottles of different sizes and in different quantities in vehicles. The bottles are made of materials such as steel and carbon fiber. Each liter in steel bottles weighs 1 kg. Whereas each liter in carbon fiber bottles weighs 0.380 kg.

What is the difference between CNG and LPG?

  • use of CNG Mainly used as fuel for vehicles. Whereas LPG is also used in cooking gas as well as vehicle fuel.
  • CNG Natural gas is made by compressing it. whereas LPG It is made by mixing several gases.
  • lpg It is found in liquid state at high temperature while in gaseous state at normal temperature. CNG A temperature below zero °C is required for liquefaction.
  • There are some similarities between both the gases as the cost of both the gases is less as compared to other fuel petrol and diesel.

Where was CNG gas invented?

Invention of CNG Gas Or the discovery took place in America around 1800. After this its use was started in India and other countries. A lot of research was done on this natural gas and it was found that it generates less pollution than other fuels, since then emphasis has been placed on its use. Natural gas is dehydrated, filtered to remove dust, and desulfurized, and then by a compressor to make CNG. 20MPa (200 Bar) is compressed into the gas below.

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In today’s post I told that What is the full form of CNG? (What is the Full Form of CNG in Hindi)? Also I told that cng What is (What is CNG in Hindi) And what are its benefits. I hope you liked this post. If this post is helpful for you, then do share it with other people as well. Also, if you want to ask any question related to this post, then tell us by commenting.