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  • Birth date: The 14th day of November, 1840
  • Died At Age: 86
  • Sun Sign: Scorpio
  • Also known as: Oscar-Claude Monet
  • Birthplace: Paris
  • Popular as: PainterFamily: Spouse/Ex-: Alice Hoschede, Camille Doncieux
  • Father: Claude Adolphe Monet
  • Mother: Louise Justine Aubree Monet
  • children: Jean Monet, Michel Monet
  • Died on: December 5, 1926
  • the place of death the place of death
  • Family Tree: Indian Americans
  • City: Paris
  • Co-Founder/Founder: French impressionist painting
  • education: Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-Arts, Academie Suisse

who is Claude Monet?

Claude Monet was a renowned French artist who would record his most memorable images on paper. He is among the most admired artists in the field of art and is an source of inspiration for many young artists. In contrast to many of the other artists of his time, Claude observed his immediate surroundings and then painted it onto canvas. Also, his work has been noted for his utilization of lighting. One of his greatest contributions was his painting style that was later referred to as “Impressionism”. Artists with similar styles of painting were named “Impressionists’. It was named due to the popularity an one of his most renowned paintings, ‘Impression Sunrise’. Contrary to other paintings from the time, this painting appeared as if it was a sketch that had not been completed, making it appear distinct. Although Monet was regarded as a master artist by many but he frequently doubted his talents and became depressed. The decision to pursue a career in art made Monet confront many difficulties in life. One time, he attempted to jump into the river from an elevated bridge due to the severe financial turmoil. Some of Claude’s works are on display in museums all over the world to this day which continue to inspire others.

Childhood and Early Life

Claude Monet was born on 14 November 1840 to Louise Justine Aubre Monet and Claude Adolphe Monet. Claude Monet was the 2nd child of Monet. Monet couple. The Monets’ father worked as a commercialist, and her mother was an opera performer. In 1841, his parents had the baptism of their son and named him Oscar Claude Monet.

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The father of Claude would like him to be a part of the family’s businessand run their grocery store. But Claude was aspired to become an artist. His choice to pursue art initially disappointed his father.

At the age of 1851 Monet took up his study in the arts at Le Havre’s secondary school of art’. While studyingthere, Claude was also able to create a variety of drawings using charcoal, and then sold them in exchange for cash. He was well-known for a variety of these charcoal caricature pieces.

It was in 1856 that Claude encountered his idol, the famous French artist Eugene Brodin, while wandering along Normandy’s beaches. Normandy. Claude believed Eugene as his teacher and a person who helped him develop his artistic techniques. Eugene is Eugene that introduced Claude to oil paints which changed his attitude toward art.



The year was 1861 and Claude became the commander of the ‘African Light Cavalry’. Although he was given seven years of service with the cavalryunit, Claude was forced to retire within two years because he contracted typhoid. The theory is that the aunt of Claude as well as the famed painter Johan Jongkind had a role in helping to get his out from the military.

It was in 1865 that Claude took part in the “Salon” art exhibit held in Paris. Two of his marine landscape paintings were chosen. While his work garnered Claude many admirers however, he didn’t make any money from his work.

It was in 1866 that Claude Monet presented one of his most well-known works “Camille,” also known as ‘Woman In The Green Dress’ in the Salon’s art exhibition. The painting earned Claude many awards and proved to be one of the most important moments in the career of Claude.

In the year 1868 Claude had been afflicted with an severe financial crisis that caused depression and suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, he had an advocate in the shape of Louis Joachim Guadibert. Guadibert’s enthusiasm for Monet’s art helped make the artist more stable financially.

The year was 1870. Claude and his entire family moved in England in the wake of the start of the Franco-Prussian War. In his time in England, Monet observed the works of other artists, such as Joseph Mallord William Turner and John Constable. Through their work, Monet gained a new view of colors. Claude also had a meeting with Paul Durand- Ruel during his time in London. Paul was the painter’s initial art dealer.

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In 1871, Monet moved from London to Zaandem in the Netherlands. Claude created 25 paintings during his time in the Netherlands in just one or two months.

When the Franco-Prussian war came to an end around 1871. Claude was moved to Argentuil which is located on the edge of France located along the banks of the Seine river. He stayed in the city for seven years and made numerous paintings that are of significant importance.

1874 was a turbulent year in the life of Monet in which his painting “Impression, Sunrise” was displayed at the 1874 exhibition of the Society. It was thought to be Monet’s most important work. The following two decades were characterized by Claude making a lot of money from his paintings.

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Major Works Major Works

One of the Claude’s paintings that have made him one of the most famous artists of his time is the painting ‘Impression Sunrise’. The painting depicted how Havre’s Harbor’ appears in the fog of dawn. The painting appeared to be an incomplete sketchwhen compared to other paintings from the period. Monet’s work was regarded as unusual by a lot of critics. They invented the term “Impressionism” to describe this type of art. It was referred to as “Impressionism”.

Personal and Legacy & Legacy

Claude died in the year 1857 when his mother passed away at the age of 17. The loss caused a lot of grief in his life, as it was her only friend in his life at the time who was supportive of his talents as an artist.

Camille who was the model for the famous paintings of Claude, such as The Woman in Green’ and ‘Women In The Garden The Garden’, was the first woman he met in his life. She was expecting their first child in 1868.

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The year was 1870 when Claude as well as Camille got married in 1870. They had two children , Jean as well as Michel. Following their wedding the couple, and their first child relocated to England in the aftermath of the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War. Claude continued to use his wife for a subject for many of his artworks.

Camille had been diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1876. The couple’s second child was born within a year and the situation got more difficult for Camille in terms of her health.

Camille’s health issues manifested as Uterine cancer. The final diagnosis was in 1879. She was just 32 at the date she died. Camille’s death put Claude Monet into depression for several months.

Claude later met Alice Hoschede, who was his friend’s wife. After Ernest Hoschede’s wife Alice’s husband moved to Belgium because of bankruptcy, Claude and Alice spent time together. Claude even moved into Alice’s house in Paris along with his children.

After 1883 the family with their entire family moved into a farmhouse close to Giverny. The house was a source with great comfort for the family since it was a place to paint as well as a garden and was near to the school of the children. Claude lived there for many years.

Claude and Alice got married in 1892, shortly after the husband of Alice’s died. Alice is also the subject of many artworks by Claude. Alice died in 1911 because of ill health.

at the age of at the age of 86, Claude passed away on 5 December 1926. He died of lung cancer. He was buried in an area near Giverny close to his house.


Claude often entered into phases of depression. He destroyed more than 500 of his own artworks by burning them or throwing them into the trash.

One of his most famous painting ‘Falaises Pres De Dieppe’ was taken twice. Even though it was found at first, the painting was taken another time in 2007, and since vanished.

His paintings are displayed in various museums around the world. In 2004 one of his paintings “Effects from Sun on the Clouds’ valued at a staggering 20 million dollars at an auction in London.