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Citroen Basalt Set to Rival Tata Curvv, Unveiling on March 27

Citroen Basalt Set to Rival Tata Curvv, Unveiling on March 27-Citroen is going to launch its new SUV coupe in the market with the name Basalt. Till now it was known only as C3X. But now the name has changed. Its design will be revealed to everyone on March 27. On that day only its appearance will be shown. These people will tell the interior only later.

Well listen, this car looks quite sturdy. Nowadays everyone is after SUV vehicles. Let’s see how much special this new Bolly Basalt brings for us.

With whom will there be competition?

Brother, keep listening. The real battle of this Basalt will be with Tata Motors’ upcoming Curvv SUV coupe. That too is an SUV coupe style car. Now it has to be seen who among these two shows more strength in the market.

Well tell me, which car do you like more? Tata’s or this new Citroën one? I think the one whose design is more spectacular will win. Engine power and mileage will also be important.

What will be special about it?

Let us now tell you a little about what special features this new basalt will have. First of all, let us tell you that it will be built on CMP platform. If you have seen Citroen’s C3 Aircross vehicle, then perhaps similar features will be found in it too.

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This vehicle will come in C segment i.e. it will be mid-range in terms of price. Talking about design, it will be made quite practical for everyday use. The look will be like a four door coupe style. You will also get good riding quality so that the journey is comfortable.

What will be the appearance and engine?

Now let’s come to its appearance. Recently the company has released a teaser in which a glimpse of the rear part of the vehicle has been seen. The design of the tail lights looks quite spectacular. Also, shark fin antenna is also visible which will give a sporty look.

Not much information about the engine has been received yet but it is expected that a 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine can be found in it. Both manual and automatic transmissions can come with it.

Ooh, I have heard that some people are also saying that perhaps its electric version will also come in the market soon. If this happens then it will be fun, brother! Let’s see what happens next.

When will it arrive and what will be the price?

Now all that is left is the time and price of its arrival in the market. Its release date has not been decided yet. But it is expected that in the next few months this new basalt will knock in our villages and cities.

Talking about prices, it is difficult to say anything right now. But whatever it may be, my guess is that it will remain competitive. After all, it will compete with Tata Curvv!

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So brother, are you also waiting for this car to arrive? Please tell us what you liked and what you did not like about it. There is a lot of discussion about this in our village. People are more interested in new vehicles. Let’s meet again when this basalt comes in the market. Then we will talk more.

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