Ciaya Jordan Whetstone, 21, died in a hospital after taking an Uber home at night.


Ciaya Jordan Whetstone, a 21-year-old college student, is accused of disembarking from a local hospital after taking an Uber home on Saturday night. She was soon confirmed dead.

Who is Ciaya Jordan Whetstone?

Ciaya Jordan Whetstone from New Orleans was partying with her friends on Friday. After taking her Uber to her home, she was rushed to a private hospital, but shortly after her arrival she was pronounced dead.

What Happened to Ciaya Jordan Whetstone?

Whetstone, 21, was a sophomore in business school at the University of New Orleans. His company is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ciaya worked as a personal stylist at Buckle. The young woman had a good time with her friends on Friday night. She went to the Metali Carnival Parade on Friday but left at 8:30 PM.

According to a friend, Whetstone went to a bar with other friends, who then took the student to her boyfriend’s house in Harahan. Whetstone then took an Uber in the middle of the night to check out the puppy Zoe at her Lakeshore Drive apartment in Gentilly.


A friend claimed that when Whetstone arrived at her apartment, the driver waited outside while Whetstone checked her dog. Whetstone’s roommate, Reese White, claimed to have told her to stay, but 21-year-old Whetstone insisted the driver was her friend.
“I persuaded her not to go,” White claimed in an interview with NOLA, claiming that Whetstone looked intoxicated.

Another friend, Roberto Torres, said he contacted Whetstone at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday when he was about to take an Uber.
“Do you like parties?” According to Torres, her driver bit her. Whetstone told Torres that she would call him back, but she didn’t.
“I called. I called. I didn’t call,” Torres told the newspaper. After that, they never talked to her again.

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Authorities said Whetstone was taken to a local hospital unresponsive the next day, where he was pronounced dead.
New Orleans police are investigating the student’s death, and the police are working to clean up the student’s last moments.

Uber says it has disabled drivers’ access to the platform and is working with authorities. However, they did not give the driver’s name. “We think with the family of Ciaya Whetstone, who is grieving at the loss of her daughter. Uber said in a statement that it was “ready to assist the police in the investigation.”

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