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Chitra Ramkrishna’s Biography:- Chitra Ramkrishna is an Indian chartered accountant, business executive and former MD and CEO of the NSE. She was the first female managing director, chief executive officer and director of National Stock Exchange (NSE).

In February 2022, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) claimed that the SEBI had leaked important budgets for business secrets relating to the day-to-day operation.

In this article, you will find all the information about Chitra Ramkrishna’s personal life background, family, background Net worth 2022 career and husband, career, and more.

Chitra Ramkrishna Wiki, Biography, Age

Chitra Ramkrishna took birth in 1963. Her birthplace was India. She is Chitra Ramkrishna. She is aged between 58 and 59 at the time of 2022.

She is completing her studies at a Private High School. She graduated from of the University of India and earned an academic degree of B. Com and FCA.

Chitra Ramkrishna’s Parents (Father and Mother), Siblings

Chitra Ramkrishna’s names as parents aren’t public. We’ll update Chitra Ramkrishna’s parents names later. We’re not certain about her siblings.

MotherNot known

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Chitra Ramkrishna Ethnicity, Nationality

We’ve talked about Chitra Ramkrishna’s parents, so now is the perfect time to discuss her ethnicity. We want to inform you that her race isn’t stated by her. She is Indian.

Chitra Ramkrishna Husband

We’ve discussed a variety of topics that are connected to Chitra Ramkrishna. However, this is the perfect time to discuss her marriage status. Her husband’s name has not been public as of yet.

Chitra Ramkrishna Height, Weight

If we are talking about Jessica Pressler’s physical measurement , we can conclude thatshe was


Chitra Chakra Ramkrishna’s Career

  • Chitra Ramkrishna is a finance division of the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) and was a member of a carefully selected leadership team.
  • She was a member of the legislative structure of SEBI in the year 1980. She also joined the CII’s National Council on Financial Sector Development and FICCI’s National Executive Committee, and Capital Markets Committee.
  • It is her third time to lead the Exchange for the Asia-Pacific region.
  • She was featured as a contributor to Fortune magazine, USA. as one of the most influential women in business around the world at the rank of 17th and was awarded the title of Woman of the Year award in the Business Leadership Awards by the Forbes magazine in 2013.
  • She asked SEBI to pay 25 percent of her salary in FY 2013-14 in the name of IPEF and was established by the former managing director of NSE and was found guilty of the charge.
  • She was listed as a member of the Fortune list of the 50 most successful businesswomen around the globe as one of four Indians who have been a part of NSE since the beginning of its existence.
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Chitra Ramkrishna Net Worth

We will now talk discuss Chitra Ramkrishna’s networth. Chitra Ramkrishna was an Indian chartered accountant, business executive and the former MD and CEO of NSE therefore her earnings were extremely well. Therefore, we would like to inform the world that she has a net worth of 44 crores as of Indian currency.

Sebi order in the NSE’s Chitra Ramkrishna Case is a task half completed

In the case of the Securities and Exchange board of India’s (Sebi) final order of 190 pages against the former National Stock Exchange (NSE) CEO Chitra Ramkrishna and others raises more questions than it appears to be attempting to answer.

However, before this, let’s focus on the drama’s script.

The dramatis personae in this case is controlled by Ms Ramkrishna who, in her deposition in front of Ananta Barua, the whole time director of Sebi says the guidance of a divine person who was guiding her at Sebi’s top stock exchange via an email address! The yogi’s faceless identity was responsible for the selection to the post of Anand Subramanian, who joined as the chief strategist in April 2013 , and within two years was promoted to the group operating officer as well as advisor to the MD.

It turns out that the NSE through a letter that was sent on November 27, 2018 addressed to the Sebi claimed the legal advisers of its spoken with professionals dealing with human psychology to come up withand according to the view of a human psychologist, the noticee was used by Notice No. 6. (Mr Subramanian) 6 (Mr. Subramanian)by making up a new identity as the name Mr. Rigyajursama to guide her to carry out her duties according to his desires. “The Noticee No. 1 was altered by the same person using different identities: one was as Noticee No. 6, who was a trusted friend and the other in the form of”Mr. Rigyajursama who had her trust and devotion,” goes a para in the order.

However, Mr Barua claims that the regulator didn’t believe that Mr. Subramanian or the spiritual yoga guru were the same because Ms. Ramkrishna in her defense had said that she was not assessed by the exchange as well as the forensic agency or the psychologist regarding the same issue. Barua justifies: “I note that the observations within the E&Y report that was submitted through Noticee number. 2. are not taken for granted in the sense that the unidentified person was the Noticee not. 6. Furthermore, the report on psychology obtained by the legal advisers of NSE cannot be taken for granted because they were independently conducted, in the absence of the Notice number. 1.”

So, Mr. Barua decided to conduct the question himself. Here’s what happened:

Mr Barua: Can you please share the identity of the email id holder ‘[email protected]

Ms. Ramkrishna: Siddha Yogi/Purusha is a Paramahansa who is possibly residing within the Himalayan Ranges. I have had the pleasure of meeting at times in holy sites. No coordinates of location are provided.

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Ms. Barua: Given that Siddha Purusha largely dwells in the Himalayan Ranges, please describe how he would have access to emails and communicated with you on a regular basis.

Ms. Ramkrishna: To my understanding, their spiritual powers do not require them be physically connected to any coordinates.

Ms. Barua Please describe the time you were introduced to him, and how he brought you into contact with Him.

Ms. Ramkrishna: I had the pleasure of meeting Him at first at the bank of the Ganges about 20 years ago. He was there directly. Then, throughout the years, I’ve sought his advice in a variety of professional and personal things. Since He appeared at will and I didn’t have any geographical coordinates, I asked He provide a method through which I could get His advice whenever I felt I needed. In response, He provided me with an ID number to which I could make my request.

Mr Barua: Is Siddha Purusha someone who was a member of the NSE/NSE the Governing Board at any time in the time?

Ms. Ramkrishna: It’s not true, he’s an enlightened force.

Mr Barua Could you please clarify how Siddha Purusha had knowledge of many specific details about the working and hierarchy of NSE.

Ms. Ramkrishna: In general I would have offered those inputs.

Mr. Barua Mr Barua: In the vast majority of the correspondence, it’s noted the fact that Mr. Anand Subramanian was marked a copy. Please elaborate.

Ms. Ramkrishna: Firstly I was able to get clarity on questions I wanted to know. Who else or whom the correspondence would be with was beyond my control. He could have corresponded with other people, too.

In light of the fees Based on the feeback, Mr Barua continues to say: “It is unfortunate that the chief of the most prestigious most important and biggest stock exchange of India must use such tactics just to explain her actions in sharing sensitive information related to NSE with an unknown individual. It is a absurd to try to conceal details about the unidentified person. It is evident that such a tactic is not acceptable. It gives greater credence to the conclusion that the appointment, delegate of power, and the an increase in compensation under Notice no. 6. (Mr Subramanian )was unintentionally made and was orchestrated by Noticee No. 1 in the capacity of MD & CEO of NSE to cover up ulterior motives or motives.”

What is the ultimate outcome of the decision?

Ramkrishna was banned from being connected to any market infrastructure organization or Sebi-registered entity for three years. Additionally, fines of 3 crore were imposed on Ramkrishna. There was also a fine of Rs2 crore for each for Subramanian, Narain and the NSE, Narain and Subramanian and Rs6 lakh for V R Narasimhan, who was chief regulator and Chief Compliance Officer.

The order states that the record that is on record does not provide the exact amount of losses incurred by investors or a the group of investors in the event of inability of the noticeees to pay with the exception of payment of excessive fees to Notice no. 6. Encashment of leaves bonus, bonuses etc. by Noticee no.1. Sebi has instructed the NSE to pay the excess leave encashment amount of Rs1.54 crore and the deferred bonus of Rs2.83 crore of Ramkrishna’s account within it’s Investor Protection Fund Trust.

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The question to be answered is Is Sebi achieved enough to restore confidence in its role as the nation’s securities regulator?

There are a few loose ends in the process.

1) Since the regulator is convinced that Anand Subramanian and the person communicating through the email were not the same person, why did it not file a criminal complaint with the CBI or chose to unearth the identity of spiritual yogi behind the email id rigyaju[email protected]? Forensic experts could have quickly identified the person for the sender.

2.)Why did the Sebi not pursue recourse pursuant to Section 78 of the IT Act which says that “notwithstanding any provision that is contained within the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 the police officer who is who is not lower than the rank of Inspector is required to investigate any offense under the IT Act.” Additionally, given the fact that both Criminal Procedure Code, 1978 and the Indian Penal Code, 1860 were modified to include cyber-crime within their jurisdiction, what was the reason the regulator not investigate actions in accordance with the applicable law?

3.) Given thatthe colocation fraud was exposed the time of Chitra who was the head of the department Why did Mr. Barua not bring up this issue in his current order?

4.) What responsibility has the regulator sought from board members during the time of Chitra & Co?

5.) Why why hasn’t the Sebi requested for a status report on the controls and checks that the exchange has instituted following the Chitra scandal?

It is important to note that the National Stock Exchange is not an intermediary for the small market it is the nation’s largest stock exchange. It also holds a quasi-monopoly position in the business of derivatives. It’s a sad reflection that, instead of trying to restore trust with the NSE and to resurrect its regulatory image as well, the Sebi has slowed down its own image.

It’s also not helped in the manner Sebi has dealt with the algo case . After the regulator shrewdly imprisoning Narain as well as Chitra in its final verdict, in the month of March Sebi said it would be absolving NSE, Narain and Chitra. NSE, Narain and Chitra in accordance with the strict provisions in the Prevention of Unfair and Fraudulent Trade Act and indicting those under SCRA (Securities Contract Regulations Act) and SECC (Stock Exchanges and Clearing Corporations Act). Instead it has placed a penalty of 1 crore for NSE NSE along with a fine of Rs25 lakh to Narain as well as Chitra.

In the event that Sebi makes market intermediaries and boards accountable for their fiduciary obligations and obligations, the responsibility to demonstrate the right way to be borne by Sebi.

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FAQ about Chitra Ramkrishna

Q.1 What is Chitra Ramkrishna?

Ans. Chitra Ramkrishna Indian certified accountant and business leader and the former MD and the CEO at NSE.

Q.2 Was Chitra Ramkrishna’s parents?

Ans. Chitra Her parents’ names aren’t well-known.

Q.3 What’s Chitra Ramkrishna’s ethnicity?

Ans. Chitra Ramkrishna’s race is not recognized.

Q.4 What is Chitra Ramkrishna ‘s Nationality?

Ans. Chitra Ramkrishna’s nationality Indian.