China Outraged over Linking with Chinese Nationalist Accused of Shooting CA Church

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China’s state-run Global Times The Propaganda newspaper on Tuesday broke its silence on a deadly mass shooting in California, which officials say is fueling Chinese nationalist hatred against the Taiwanese state, and denied that violent anti-Taiwan rhetoric played a role.

Taiwan is a sovereign, democratic and free state operating completely independently of communist China. Taiwan has never been ruled by any regime that occupied Beijing. Despite this, the Chinese Communist Party insists that Taiwan is a “province” of China and its state is illegitimate.

Chinese state propaganda regularly threatens to destroy the Taiwanese government with deadly force. In January, Global Times He boasted that Chinese military exercises near the island nation were like “a noose around the neck” of Taiwanese citizens.

In a speech in 2019, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping threatened to “crush the bones” of anyone who recognizes Taiwan as a country and supports the independence of Tibet, Xinjiang or other communist-occupied parts of China.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said on Tuesday that 68-year-old David Chou (Chou Wenwei) was charged with “one felony murder, five felony counts of willful attempted manslaughter, four felony possession of an explosive device, and personal possession of a firearm that caused the death.” felony improvements of evacuation and ambush.” Chou was found bound by his victims when police arrived on the scene in a mass shooting at lunch at a Taiwan church in Laguna Woods, California, on Monday.

DA, “Chou faces the maximum death penalty if found guilty on all charges” I said.

Police confirmed that Chou found materials in his car stating that he was “sorry” over relations between China and Taiwan. Images emerged this week of Chou holding a banner denouncing Taiwanese “devils” attending an event organized by a Chinese regime umbrella organization.

The Taiwanese government has confirmed that he was born there; Chou is a naturalized US citizen.

of the Chinese government Global Times prisoner All efforts to link Chou’s violent attack with the Communist Party’s violent rhetoric against Taiwanese citizens. He also insisted that Chou was not Chinese – he also insisted that he did not have Taiwanese citizenship – and blamed America for the shooting “because the crime was committed by a US citizen”.

“The identity of the suspect behind the shooting of the California church, who was born in China’s Taiwan and immigrated to the US, has become the focus of Western media,” he said. Times They cynically observed, “They were using it to fuel anti-Chinese sentiment and tensions across the Taiwan Straits. Instead, observers said the US media should question why US soil is constantly fueling gun violence.”

This Times He denounced media reports describing Chou as a “Chinese immigrant”, while insisting on referring to Taiwan, Chou’s birthplace, as “China’s Taiwan”. The propaganda newspaper offered a clear distinction between Chou, born in Taiwan, and “a man born in mainland China” – presumably conceding that Taiwan is not China.

Finally, to avoid clarifying this mismatch, Global Times The article described Chou as a rebellious American.

“The fact is that the crime was committed by a US citizen. So why is the US media so focused on where he lived before he moved to the US? Times He asked, quoting an in-house “expert”, “rather than asking themselves why US soil is fueling so much gun violence.”

The article also quoted a Chinese government spokesperson identified as Zhou Fenglian, describing the Taiwanese government as “despicable” for expressing concern for its people abroad after the shooting.

In response, Chinese propagandists have repeatedly denounced America as a “neo-Nazi” state, following a mass shooting by an alleged white supremacist in Buffalo, New York.

“Incidences of shootings are not uncommon in the United States, but the latest case in Buffalo shows some special features that demonstrate that neo-Nazi ideology is growing and continues to affect white people, especially young people, in US society.” Global Times He claimed.

In his article on the shooting in California, he also blames American “foreign policy” for the vague attacks on Asian people on American soil.

Chou is accused of organizing the attack on the California luncheon organized by the Geneva Presbyterian Church on Sunday to celebrate the return of a beloved pastor. Chou allegedly opened fire on attendees, mostly senior citizens, injuring five and killing one. Dr. John Cheng said witnesses captured Chou and made it possible to disarm him before he was fatally shot. The ages of the victims in the attack ranged from 66 to 92.

Dr. A photograph of John Cheng outside his office in Aliso Viejo, California, May 16, 2022. – Cheng, a 52-year-old family and sports medicine doctor, was killed while protecting others when a gunman opened fire on his way to lunch at church attends in nearby Laguna Woods, California, on May 15, 2022. (Getty Images via ROBYN BECK/AFP)

Law enforcement officials said Chou left materials in his car stating that he was “sorry” about the relationship with China and Taiwan, and District Attorney Todd Spitzer filed a criminal complaint. not closed The gateway to hate crime charges.

Orange County Sheriff’s Forensic Specialist Don Barnes said, “Based on what we’ve discovered so far, we believe he specifically targeted the Taiwanese community, and this is a representation of that Taiwanese community.” said Journalists this week.

Following the attack, Taiwanese journalists uncovered photos of Chou at an event hosted by an umbrella organization affiliated with the National Association for the Peaceful Unification of China (NACPU). set A “foreign mission” by the Chinese government to the US in 2020.

Chou appeared in a photo at the NACPU event holding a banner that read “eliminate the pro-independence demons” in a local news report.