Charlie Puth suspected of collaborating with BTS

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Speculations that K-pop group BTS will collaborate with American singer Charlie Puth have flooded the internet.

The superstar group has already managed to successfully collaborate with A-list celebrities like Lizzo, Halsey, and Simon Pegg.

Recently, Charlie Puth has been hinting at a possible collaboration with BTS.

Here is everything you need to know.

Will Charlie Puth collaborate with BTS?

Charlie Puth has been posting quite a few pictures of BTS on his Instagram account lately.

On May 31, the singer re-released a snippet of the band’s visit to the White House. All seven members of the group met with President Joe Biden to talk about anti-Asian hate crimes. They also celebrated the AANHPI Heritage month and discussed the inclusion of Asia.

Shortly after posting the video, Puth continued to like an Instagram post shared by group member Jungkook. The Korean idol recently continued to post content on the platform after being an MIA for a while.

Also, fans noticed that the songwriter follows Jungkook on Instagram.

These bits of indirect interaction between the two mega-pop artists have led fans to believe that a possible collaboration may be in talks.

Charlie Puth gives more clues

Both Charlie Puth and Jungkook recently shared a black-and-white Instagram story of a bustling street full of taxis plying through the city.

This has led fans to believe that a secret collaboration between Charlie Puth and Jungkook may be in progress.

Also, before visiting the White House, Jungkook took a short break in New York City, where Puth is reportedly residing.

Users accuse Charlie Puth of using BTS to seek influence

BTS fans were certainly not impressed by Charlie Puth’s repeated references to the Korean group.

They pointed out that Puth is using BTS for influence.

ARMY flooded Puth’s TikTok account and claimed him for using BTS’ influence for himself.

After spamming, the singer took to her Twitter account to end this toxicity.

In one of his tweets, he said, “I usually don’t mind things like this, but there’s something to be said. This dangerous, poisonous, internet screaming match between ‘fandoms’ must be stopped. I’m 28 years old, so it means nothing to me if someone I don’t know writes me a bad message.’

He continued by saying things like “I used BTS for influence”. I don’t know what that means – I love these guys and they’re super talented.’

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Charlie Puth’s post, suspected of collaborating with BTS, was first published on TheRecentTimes.