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Celeste Ackelson?

Celeste Ackelson is an American communications graduate and is married to director and actor Brian Baumgartner. Her husband was the dim-witted financial analyst, Kevin Malone, in the comedy show on television”The Office” (US). There is not much information about her family or her their early years. In various interviews that she obtained an undergraduate degree in communication from Florida International University. As a young girl she proved that she was born with an creative mind. In later years, she learned how to apply her talents to assignments at school. As Ackelson matured and began to develop her talents, she discovered a new outlet: fashion. She was married to Baumgartner in April of 2014 and one year later, they were blessed with their first child. The family currently lives within Los Angeles, California.

Childhood and Early Life

Ackelson was born on the 22nd of October, 1982 in her home country of the United States of America. It is difficult to find any information regarding her family and her the beginning of her life. She has said that she was a regular childhood. Talented and creative she was able to excel at numerous projects at school. After turning an adult her creativity was present and was a big help in helping her stand out in the fashion world. Her unique ability to dress has earned her a lot of praise in the media as well as when she walks the red carpet.

After graduation from high school she attended Florida International University, from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Relationship to Brian Baumgartner

Born in Georgia Baumgartner was a student at The Westminster Schools. Then he attended Southern Methodist University before relocating to Los Angeles. In the early years of professional life, Baumgartner was involved in the field of theatre. He was an Artistic Director at Hidden Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also performed in shows staged by The Guthrie Theater, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Children’s Theater Company and Theatre de la Jeune Lune.

Baumgartner began his acting career with the 2001 romantic comedy “Herman U.S.A.’ He has since appeared in a variety of roles on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ (2003) as well as ‘Arrested development’ (2005), and “Jake in Progress” (2005). In 2005 he was cast in the role of Kevin Malone in NBC’s sitcom “The Office” (US). Kevin is among very few characters to have the same character on the first British series. This character has a name: Keith Bishop. The two of them Keith as well as Kevin are obese and not well-educated in communicating with other people. They also have a common musical passion. Baumgartner has received praise for his performance as the protagonist.

Baumgartner was earlier engaged to piano player Julia Fisher. They share a child. After the divorce between Fisher and his ex-wife was concluded the couple Ackelson began to date. The actress has stated that the actor found his way into her heart through his humor. According to her Baumgartner, he has the capacity to bring her laughter even when she is in a serious situations.

Ackelson and Baumgartner got married the 28th of April, 2014 in their backyard in California. A lot of Baumgartner’s ‘The office co-stars were in attendance at the ceremony. John Krasinski was there, as was his wife, Emily Blunt. Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey along with Oscar Nunez were also present. Ackelson had a strapless ivory dress with a mermaid-like finish. Baumgartner had an edgy grey suit and black tie. In the year 2015, Ackelson and Baumgartner’s daughter, Brylee Bea, was born. Presently, the family lives in the $2.8 million house situated in Los Angles.