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What is Carter Reum?

Carter Reum is an American businessman and author. He co-founded VEEV Spirits, a vodka brand together with his twin sister Courtney Reum. The company has enjoyed lots of popularity and was recognized as a result of Inc Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. In recognition of his accomplishments, Reum was also mentioned in the book ‘Screw business as Usual’, which is a bestseller published by Richard Branson. Carter Reum, along with his brother Courtney and Courtney, also co-authored an article titled ‘Shortcut your Startup: 10 Ways to Accelerate the Success of Entrepreneurs’. The book focuses on their professional achievements and offers advice to entrepreneurs in the next phase on how to accomplish their goals. He also writes for magazines like Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine. He is currently dating well-known American model Paris Hilton.

Carter Reum
Carter Reum


Carter Reum co-created the premium spirits firm VEEV at 25 years old, when he became bored of his drinking habits. VEEV Spirits became both the first acai-based liquor and also the first to be made in a huge manufacturing facility. In 2016 the company was purchased by the beverage company Luxco.

Reum along with his twin brother later established an investment firm called M13. The news soon revealed that they were syndicating 100 million of investments in several companies. Names of the company was derived from the ‘Messier 13 which is the most bright group of galaxies’ stars. It is recognized because the cluster of stars is higher than all the stars.

In the year 2018, Carter Reum along with his brother Courtney wrote the book ‘Shortcutting Your Startup 10 Ways to speed up the Process of Entrepreneurial Success’. They share their achievements as professionals in the book and provide advice to entrepreneurs on how to achieve success. They also discuss the lessons they have learned over the years, including investing in companies like Lyft, SpaceX, Pinterest as well as Warby Parker.

This book is dedicated to W Robert Reum, father of Carter and Courtney Reum, who passed in the middle of working on the manuscript. It has also been highly praised from Arianna Huffington, a famous columnist and author, as well as co-founder and editor of Huffington Post. A well-known American writer as well as life-coach Tony Robbins has also praised the book, noting that the book provides a number of the strategies employed by a variety of startups to expand and disrupt, and even be successful.

Carter Reum also writes for the Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine. He has also been featured as guest on TV networks such as FOX as well as CBS. He has also been a guest on the show ‘Hatched’, a business reality show “Hatched”.

Family & Personal Life

Carter Milliken Reum was born on February 5 1981 at Wayne, Illinois. The father of Carter Milliken Reum, W Robert Reum, was a prominent businessman as well as known for his charitable activities.

In the year 2020, Carter Reum was rumored to be in a relationship with Paris Hilton, famous American B-socialite, following the two were spotted together in a party following during the Golden Globe award ceremony. In April of 2020 they announced their romance on Instagram after Paris Hilton posted a photo of her and Carter Reum kissing on her social media page.