Carl Woods was arrested and charged under the Public Order Act.

Who is Carl Woods?

Katie Price’s fiancée Carl Woods has been charged with threatening and insulting her while arguing at her Essex home. Police said today that 33-year-old A, who is engaged to a reality star, has been booked without detention pursuant to Article 4 of the Public Order Act.

Why was he arrested and charged under the Public Order Act?

Carl Woods, outraged by the allegations of beating fiancée Katie Price, claimed he was the victim of the lie. Essex Police said a 33-year-old former Love Island participant was charged under section 4 of the Public Order Act. He was detained in August and charged for a second time. On March 10, he will appear before the Colchester Magistrates.

Last year, Woods was detained for being struck in the face by a former model at her home. At 1:30 am on August 23, police arrived at the building and arrested on charges of assault, theft, coercion and control. Price was rushed to the hospital and the next day her face was photographed with bruises and swollen lips.
‘Now it’s my turn. Everything I say has evidence.’ He wrote in an Instagram statement this evening.
Essex Police spokeswoman said today that “a man arrested in the incident that took place in Little Canfield on 23 August 2021 has been charged.”

Carl Woods, 33, of The Meadows, Dunmow Road, Little Canfield, violated Section 4 of the Public Order Act.
He went on to say that his allegations were not related to the assault charges against Katie last year, but instead had to do with admitting they used “vulgar language” on the street.

Carl told 227,000 Instagram followers in his Instagram Stories video: It didn’t come out at all.” He said, “Look at what I wrote. Nowhere is it ever said that I was charged with assaulting Katie. They didn’t say that. No one said I was charged with acts of coercive control, and no one said so. Because it didn’t happen because it wasn’t true.”

He continued, “I’ll tell you now, I’ve been charged with public order. [offence]Yes, me and Katie had an argument on the street. Yes, I used vulgar language. charged with that. It is a violation of public order and has nothing to do with anything else.”

He claimed to have evidence, he added. “I didn’t put her finger on her. right. She never had her control over her by force. Anyone who thinks you can control Katie Price has to roll her head. No, that’s right.”
He said, “There are many things that absolutely overshadow me and prove that I am complete and completely innocent. The “evidence” that supports everything he says.

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