Calvin Krew was charged with the murder of Uber driver Christie Spikuza.

Who is Calvin Krew?

Penn Hills Pittsburg resident Calvin Crew is charged with the murder of missing Uber driver Christi Spicuzza, who was found dead over the weekend. Penn Hills’ Calvin Crew, 22, was arrested and charged Thursday night, according to the Allegheny County Police Department. He is charged with criminal murder, robbery and fabricating evidence.

Emergency services were dispatched to block 500 of Rosecrest Drive in Monroeville on the afternoon of Saturday, February 12, authorities said. Her body was recovered on a hill leading to Pioneer Park in Monroeville in a wooded area. According to county police, Christie Spikuza’s body had a single gunshot wound.

What happened to Uber driver Christi Spicuzza?

According to a criminal complaint against Crew, she did not return home after driving an Uber on Thursday night last Friday. Her family reported her disappearance to Turtle Creek police. She often calls her relatives while driving, she says. But this time she didn’t call anyone. Pitcairn police found her car near 4th Avenue on a Saturday morning, just hours before her body was recovered in Monroeville.

Uber has agreed to share details with authorities, including GPS coordinates, route information, and who it picked up during a lookup that night. According to Uber data, Spicuzza’s most recently completed trip started just after 9pm on Brinton Road in Pitcairn. The flight attendant lives there with his girlfriend who requested the ride. Dersam Street in Penn Hills was the final destination for this ride.
An eyewitness approached authorities during an investigation, claiming to have found a pink cell phone matching Spicuzza’s description under the Tri-Borough Expressway. Nissan Sentra from Spicuzza was discovered in Pitcairn on Saturday. The car was locked and abandoned. There were no dashboard cameras normally present in vehicles. It was later discovered in Penn Hills.

Why did Calvin Krew kill Uber driver Christie Spikuza?

According to the lawsuit, flight attendants pointed a gun behind Spikuza’s head and urged them to “keep driving” about 10 minutes after they got into the Uber. Spikuza said, “Well, I have a family too,” Crew replied, “I have a family, so I drive now.”
According to the lawsuit, Spikuza asked over and over again, “I have 4 children,” but the video ended with the crew saying, “If you do what I tell you, everything will be fine.”

According to investigators, they used GPS records to drive to different locations. Spikuza’s cash applications were investigated along the route according to phone records. According to investigators, Spikuzawa Crew drove her car to Monroe Bill, where she was shot.

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