British swimmer Simon Nellist, who was attacked by a shark, was about to get married.


British swimmer Simon Nellist, who selflessly trained for charity swimming, became the first person in Australia to be killed by a shark in 60 years.

On Wednesday, Simon Nellist was attacked by a four-metre-long shark at Buchan Point near Little Bay, east of Sydney, during charity sea swimming training. The annual Murray Rose Malabar Magic Ocean Swim, scheduled for this Sunday, has been canceled due to a shark attack. This event provides funding for swimming lessons for children with disabilities.
In the first fatal attack in nearly 60 years, a shark killed Simon Nellist just 150 meters off the shores of Buchan Point, near Sydney’s Little Bay. Simon is considered an experienced sea swimmer and diver. He grew up in England where his family lives. He is engaged to an Australian woman. According to reports, he worked as a diving instructor.

Witnesses said they saw the predator attack vertically and landed ‘like a vehicle’ before transporting Simon’s body to sea, and said the body was found an hour later.

Fisherman Chris Linto told the authorities: “I heard the shouts and turned around and it looked like the car had fallen into the water. There was a lot of water splashing and there was a shark chewing on it and there was blood everywhere.”


Simon is said to be on the verge of marrying his girlfriend, Jenny Ho, at the time of the attack. His friends expressed their grief over his unexpected death, and Della Ross told Seven News:

After a fatal attack, local authorities are trying to track down the shark. They prefer to kick it off the mainland if the drumstick flags it rather than kills it.

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Before his death, Simon wrote on Facebook, ‘Shark nets and drumsticks protect no one and kill all kinds of marine life every year’, expressing concerns about safety measures.

Lawrence Chlebeck, spokesperson for Humane Society International, an animal rights advocacy group, believes the shark mistaken Simon for a seal because of a wetsuit, according to the report. They usually bite something to find out what it is.’ He realizes that he is a human, not an ordinary prey, and runs away. ‘Most shark bites are just one-shot. This is a unique and sadly heartbreaking situation.”

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