Breaking Spider-Man 4 Announcement Coming at D23 Reportedly

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It’s been more or less silence when it comes to the future of Spiderman in the MCU. What exactly is the status of Spiderman four? When are we going to get the announcement? When are we going to see a placed on the MCU timeline in terms of phase five or phase six? Are they not even going to do it or what’s going to be happening? Well, according to some reports, we can expect all this and more to be announced at D twenty three. So first and foremost, I don’t need to tell you or maybe I do in case you don’t know.

But Spiderman’s announcement would not be made by Disney as a whole because there has to be more involved than just Disney, because the film rights are obviously owned by Sony. And every time previously we’ve had an announcement of a new Spiderman, it’s a joint announcement. It’s never been mentioned at the likes. Of D twenty three or a Disney investors meeting, because again, it’s not their property right that makes sense. Spiderman films are not theirs, and some people have brought up the fact that Tom Holland was a D twenty three after the whole debacle that happened, with Sony taking the character out of the MCU before they announced that he was returning.

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What people are forgetting is that he was at D 23 because he was in that animated movie with Chris Pratt where they played those. I think they were elves or something. They did like the whole. I guess cross country trip in a van or something. I’m probably remembering this wrong, but you know what I’m talking about. I want what was it called to grow field. Whoa, fall some some? I don’t know. I watched him when it came out and it didn’t really stick with me.

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Either way though, he was there for that and they never mentioned Spiderman. It was some of the crowd saying we want you back as Spiderman and he smiled and that was it. So again, I don’t know if you should get excited. For a Spiderman announcement at D twenty three, unless it’s somehow relates to hey, maybe that one cameo or extra cameos we’ve worked out, we’re going to put him into Daredevil or something. I could see that happening. Or maybe if Sony is comfortable and this is where they want to, they could bring out Sony execs and announce what the new plan is.

Lay out the entire trilogy plan. It’s been OK, we’re going to drop one here, here, and here. Wait for more news. Also, Charlie Cox will co-star in the upcoming fourth film I could. Totally see that. But again, it would have to be a joint type of thing and to me it doesn’t seem like Sony would want to share a massive Spiderman announcement that would take all the focus off of Sony and put it on Disney.


That goes against what your investors would want. So call me skeptical at this one at best, but I would love to be proven wrong.