Breaking News Marvel’s Werewolf By Night First Reactions Call it Schlock Horror Throwback & Tribute Updates

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Marvel Studio‘s werewolf by night is coming at us on October seventh and we already got our first reactions from critics. So let’s talk about why. It’s pretty much unanimous that this thing is different, special and great. So again, I’m not going to point out how any single person’s outlet or anything like that because we know how crazy the crazies can get if they don’t like something that somebody specifically said.

But you guys probably know the big outlet. Some people out there will be talking about this. If you want the individual kind of a bigger breakdown of everything you know, more structured, you can go find specific outlets. But essentially what we have across the board is. The sense that this doesn’t necessarily feel like the MCU feels different. It’s short, different, it looks different, it sounds different and pretty much across the board.

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Its all attributed to the style that they approached it with a throwback to the forties and trying to make it feel like it’s something that could have existed back in that time. Kind of mixed up with better technology obviously. Draft today they didn’t shoot the thing with the ancient cameras because that wouldn’t make sense. So kindly get what they are saying, right? Essentially, the more you look into it, the more you understand that people are really hyping this up as something that’s a breath of fresh air, which is something I saw get brought up in a few reactions.

Wouldn’t really say it’s a breath of fresh air in what Marvel has done and that there are things going on in this that just feel so different. That marvel introducing the monsters to the universe is something that’s really special and feels like it’s something that you’re going to want tomorrow. That what they’ve done with a werewolf as a character, that what they are doing with the visuals in the style of the storytelling in the world building all contributes to something that looks like it’s gonna have paid off for a while. That this thing is unique. It’s refreshing if you’re not the biggest fan.

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The comedy in the MCU that you’re gonna love this. If you have B movie horror classic rip-off of monster flicks and all that, you’re gonna love this again. To me, this is the old literally making me giddy for this because they are saying everything I love. Classic B movies, throwbacks, and shook. Why can’t wait? I’m saying that this looks like feels like it sounds like it was developed by people who understand Classic Cinema and love classic horror.


There icing on the cake right there. I am absolutely hyped now again about what all the critics are going to save. Anything drops. We’re gonna have to wait and see, but to me, it’s a good indication at least the first wave seems to be really enjoying it, at least from their initial reactions.