Breaking Marvel Studios says Chris Evans was a Cameo in Avengers Infinity War News and Updates

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Marvel Studios contracts are one of the most fascinating things ever discussed in Hollywood. From one-time appearances that pay small amounts to the actors, to signing on to multiple films right after that, which include bonuses on the back end and sometimes even cameos. It’s not surprising that things can get a little bit lost when we find out more details in regards to some of these contracts, so it’s really surprising that we just found out, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, that Chris Evans role. In Avengers, Infinity War is only a cameo. The Hollywood Reporter typically is on the forefront of being able to deliver US info on contracts, payouts and various things that involve the back end of how much some of the actors make in terms of what happens with DVD sales, Blu-ray sales, streaming and of course the box office cut.

Now when it comes to the initial sign-on process, we know Marvel Studios very early on was trying to lock. Actors for three to six to nine to sometimes even more appearances. These would typically include multiple films and of course cameos. So we did find out that Chris Evan’s role in Avengers Infinity War is actually one of the cameos that he had on his contract and this is how they structured his cameo contract. Essentially, we find out that he appears in the film for less than 7 %.

This means that All in all, due to the contract he has, the runtime of the film, and how much of the film he’s in total, this classifies him as a cameo as he’s in the film for a total of seven minutes and 30 seconds under 7 %. Somewhere around like 6 2-3 whatever, but between 6 and 7 %. So yeah, Captain America. Chris Evans is only a cameo in Avengers Infinity War, so for those wondering. This means that Chris Evans was actually paid far less for Avengers Infinity War than Captain America, Civil War, Avengers Age of Ultron, or even Avengers end game, because Avengers Infinity War is technically one of his cameo roles, and that’s all he gets.

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And that’s really interesting, right? Because I think of that film, he’s one of the characters, along with Tony Stark and Doctor Strange, that sticks out to me as a main character. But I mean, lo and behold, he’s literally just a cameo and that’s quite telling, but it also shows you how Marvel Studios has these contracts locked down to like perfection so they don’t have to pay you more than they need to. Just absolutely insane.