Breaking Jodie Comer Cast as Sue Storm Invisible Woman in MCU Fantastic Four New Reports & Reveal at D23?

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With the D twenty-three almost here, it’s not surprising that we are hearing names in relation to the fantastic 4 castings. One name that popped up over the last 36 to 48 hours has made a lot of headlines, and now certain outlets are even saying it’s confirmed that Jodie Comer is officially playing Sue Storm. Ok, so first up, I’m gonna be real with you. I’m not sure if I’ve seen Jody in anything. The only thing I can remotely think of that I think she was in was free guy, but again, maybe my mind is playing tricks with me so I’m not sure, but I think that’s where I remember her from.

I know I’ve seen some people say that she was good in things like killing Eve for example. I’ve never seen that so I can’t comment on that. But from what I understand as she’s a decent enough actress, she’s also in something that’s coming out that actually, Co-stars Benedict Cumberbatch, which maybe that’s. Connective tissue there in terms of how they discovered her, but again, we started to hear just recently that she was in talks with Marvel Studios, and then that she joined the Fantastic Four reboot as Sue Storm.

Now again, OK? Like, I have so little experience with her acting ability and whatever that. Honestly, I will take an unknown over the typical fan-casting any day just because I don’t have a preconceived, you know, mindset or preconceived notion of what they are capable of or what they should act like. And that’s how we typically get to fantastic things people don’t think about anything else other than doing. They look like that and have they acted like that character once, or even remotely? Don’t even consider the acting. They just go, oh, if they look the part she honestly looks like. You can make a good Sue storm and certainly, she’s young enough that if they wanted her, she could stay around for 15 to 20 years, right? So it’s all there.

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It all checks out. Now again, a lot of people are confirming that she’s been cast, but I don’t see that from any big trade. So when a big trade reports that you’re, you know, deadline, variety, whoever, then you can take it at a bank, that’s probably happening because they usually confirmed the final talks, if not the official casting. So it’s going to be interesting to see. This is it. And if they do announce it at D 23 Because if they do, one would have to assume that these early castings will lead to at least cameo somewhere since the film is still so far off and maybe we’ll find out this D twenty three.Let me know your guys thoughts on this. Good choice, no? How do you feel about her?