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Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is one of those performances and castings that, well, it’s still being debated today. You’re either on the side of man, it’s not that good and they really screwed it up, or the other side of it where it’s one of the greatest castings of all time in one of the most philosophical roles to ever grace film. Buy now I think everybody pretty much knows my opinion on Batman v Superman if your new I didn’t like it.

I didn’t like that director’s cut more, but it’s still found many problems with the film. Ultimately, by the time it was all said and done in both versions, one of them being Lex Luthor, I saw, but they were going for. I like half of what they were going for, but ultimately it didn’t work for me. Now I don’t blame Jesse Eisenberg, that would just be stupid. People have blamed the actors, I just don’t get it. Unless the actor intentionally decided to do what they did with it and they can control them and then you got a terrible role well then you can blame the actor, but he was doing the performance he was told to do. So it’s really not surprising that some people don’t understand this. And recently, in a interview with a deadline which was conducted during the twenty-eighth Sarajevo film festival, a shout out to my home country and my relatives that were there, he told people that people legit hate him for Lex Luthor. People do not like him.

They literally blame him for that film, for that role. What ended up happening?

He says people. This days till give him like this I Dian look at him weird comic book fans lash out at him and. That’s not right, you know, like it’s not his fault. Actors fault that they join the project they were sold on and the bill of goods was something tremendous. And then the end result was something that the studio interfered in that had to be rewritten.

And we worked multiple times, ended up changing directions, and fell through again. It’s not his fault like, let’s be real estate. Jessie’s fault that the major plot involving Lex Luthor in that maybe Superman is him in the jar piece. No, like, come on. Chris Terrio, in the person who said this is good, Zack Snyder or the ones that are you no more inherently to blame for that than him doing what’s asked him as an actor? So it’s just kind of disappointing that he’s going through this and they says its possible even damaged his career, but that’s unfortunate. He doesn’t deserve that. Nobody does like he was doing his job and just so happens that the film.

Then do it. Get it was supposed to or they wanted it to and ended up crashing and burning. It’s not his fault, it’s the circumstances of so many things that factored into it.