Breaking Ezra Miller Delusions a Massive Problem o the Brink of Ruining Everything News and update

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In case you haven’t got a chance to catch up with everything going on with Ezra Miller

AKA The Flash, Vanity Fair recently put out a huge article. We are talking about paragraphs upon paragraphs covering everything, new details, more investigative reporting, the court dates, and everything that’s going on, and it paints a rather interesting picture that could possibly ruin everything for everybody involved. So again, in case you missed it, there’s a lot going on with Ezra Miller.

Again, we’ve covered it on here and how row age to the flash and the whole insane scenario really, it’s just all been snowballing so fast. It’s all over the place and it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s happened. Vanity Fair went a step above and beyond everybody else and managed to piece together a giant timeline of everything that happened. Then talk to new people involved with the cases and really try to paint a picture, for better or for worse, in regards to everything that’s going on with the actor, the Flash, the studio, the situation and everything.

And by the end of it you get the sense of exactly what they’re saying. This whole thing is a massive problem that’s covered in delusion, mental manipulation, studios not taking care of their stars and ignoring the scenario. Cries for helps people in danger, painting a picture of multiple arrests, police visits and a quick spiral out of control into all sorts of things. Again, we’ve talked about this. We’ve talked about, you know, firearms, substance abuse, all of this, it’s all covered. And one of the things that you’re going to see that happens with this is they talk about how Ezra Miller was spinning the situation in regards to, oh, this is an NFP, and we’re going to handle this.

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Like this, and this is all just a ploy and how much people were willing to bend over backwards and believe it and where this manipulation came in. And essentially by the end of this you understand that everything DC that involves film literally hangs on the Flash’s shoulders and we are talking about that as a whole brand. Like everything, film will have to actively try to dodge every single question asked about the problematic star, the current. Unknown Roly state the status of the film and why WB Discovery CEO David Zaslav is so supportive of Ezra in this position, when everything is out here and people are literally, you know, screaming from the rooftops, more or less, that they want the act to removed, fired the film, scrapped or whatever.

And we already covered a scenario in the questionnaire where people, once they realized everything that was happening, how overwhelmingly they were in support of no, you cancelled this. We cannot let them get away with things. Like this? Why is this even a thing? The one thing that I thought I was interesting to bring up is Will Smith does the slap suddenly, oh, the next 10 years of your life in Hollywood career are gone.


But this is being treated as. Ohh it’s OK. Again, there’s a lot in here. I really want you guys to go read this, take this in and try to understand what’s happening. I’m not trying to, you know, play one side or the other or say this or that. This article really is going to spell out everything. Just type in Ezra Miller Vanity Fair on Google and have at it. It’s a lengthy read. But it’s worth it. Form your own opinion by the end of it. And if you have an opinion that doesn’t necessarily match up with, yeah, maybe they should do something with this and scrap this film.Reread the article again please cause. There’s a lot of disturbing stuff in there that I don’t even want to call. Just talking about some of these elements before put a nasty pit in my stomach.