Breaking Disney Set to Reveal Hugh Jackman Has joined Deadpool 3 & More

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With the D twenty-three coming at us in a fast and furious manner and drifting at us this weekend, it can only mean that at the forefront of this parade of insanity will be Wade Wilson leading the charge with all the reveals and all the fan expectations you can walk. Which of course means Hugh Jackman is definitely in Deadpool three, according to Scoopers.

The Scoopers weren’t sure, but they heard something. But they weren’t sure up until this past weekend where Disney went into the weekend deciding to hype up something related to D twenty three that included hugh jackman ‘s Wolverine as a gift. Which of course then took on a life of its own and the rumors, and the insiders started to report that they heard some things. Now, of course, whether these things happen in relation to Deadpool.

Three or Wolverine Reckman at all remains to be seen, but Deadpool is heading to the MCU. Which means that there’s a possibility that they will bring along some of the rejected ideas from the old Deadpool three, which was supposed to be a cross country trip involving a few X-Men and even Wolverine at one point. That of course never ended up happening because it’s well, it’s the bygone era of Fox and the X-Men Marvel franchise, but could they use some of that? And is that what they were teasing? Maybe, maybe not.

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We don’t know. But allegedly Hugh Jackman will be D twenty three and announced with Ryan Reynolds to be Co starring in the film, which will hit us in February of 2024 Now again, the moment that they made all those announcements for phase five and six, I pointed out Disney still has phase five with 2024 free for that February date. They never removed it. It’s not on the official slate. But they kept that date, so probably it’s Hugh Jackman involved with it. Take a guess, your guess is as good as anybody’s because I don’t believe any insider or scooper has any knowledge on this.

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They are all going by the same things we ball seen and if there’s one company that has enough money to bring Hugh Jackman back for one more time, it’s Disney and his relationship with everybody involved at Disney. So maybe. Filed this indeed. I don’t believe it, but if it happens it won’t shock me. Just put it there. Don’t go into D three expecting it, because everybody’s expecting so much that they can’t possibly live up to the expectations.