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A fight for the multiverse is coming at us in Avengers Secret Wars, and there is absolutely no way that Marvel Studios is going to make this film another big entry in The Avengers, which contains the entire multiverse and everything possible without some of the biggest stars. So let’s talk about all the rumours and confirmations that Chris Evans is returning. So I think you would pretty much have to be insane and or absolutely lack any brainpower to not expect Chris Evans in some way, shape or form to show up in secret wars. It just makes sense. Secret Wars has to be the biggest thing Marvel Studios has ever done.

They’ve already said as such and teased as such, that this thing is going to make Avengers endgame look like nothing, so naturally, expectations are high. So how do you one up, slash, triple, up, slash, quadruple up the stakes from the previous Avengers and even Kang Dynasty? Well, you’re going to have to bring out all the big guns and spend more money than ever before. And I think most people expect that.

When the Scoopers were saying Chris Evans is going to be back, and then they announced secret wars, and now they’re saying, oh, he’s definitely coming back for secret wars, that everybody’s correct. Of course you’re going to bring back Chris Evans for Secret Wars. I mean, it just makes sense. There’s already registered trademarks connected to Nomad, which is a Captain America project. There’s already been the reports that he’s already been handed a contract, which we saw out there. And it sounds like it’s pretty much, you know, literally on the money that he’s going to be coming back in some way, shape or form, whether it’s for nomad or more appearances.

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And let’s just be real if you’re putting together the biggest film. In the MCU, but also you’re putting together one of the biggest films the world is ever going to see, and you’re looking to break every box office record, bringing back the guy that played Captain America after about a decade of being gone or so, or not, not entirely close to a decade. But you you get it. It’s like 8 years at that point. People are going to miss him. It’s going to have a nostalgia factor.

It’s going to have a generational factor at that point, people that were in their 15 to 20 years old. When the First Avenger came out, are now old enough that their kids are going to be that age where they’re discovering these for the first time. You know, 8 to 10 years old. I mean, it’s all here. It makes sense. The plan makes sense. Of course you’re going to bring back Chris Evans. Like there’s no doubt they’re bringing at least him back for secret wars, because you’re not doing secret wars without Captain America and, you know, saying Avengers Assemble again, probably him and Sam at the same time.