Breaking Aquaman Star Says Acting in DCEU Movie is Clown Work & Not real Acting News and Updates

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The recent delay of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, we have to wait quite a long time to see more of the film, and that is unfortunate. So you would think that the actors involved with the film would want to put their best foot forward and, well, hype the film up. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast there, because Black Manta himself compares acting in this film to be a clown. You know, I’m starting to think that Zack Snyder had the right idea with the DCU.

Batman V Superman was coming out

When back when Batman V Superman was coming out, literally every single question that they would ask any single like actor or anybody involved with the film, they all read you the same, 3 replies. Well, DC is mythological and it’s all about the mythology and the power and the history of the characters. Mister Affleck, I asked you, how was your day? My day was fine. Have you heard about the mythology of Batman? He’s much like a Greek God, like Superman. Like it was always that, right? Maybe they should get back to that because having actors outright literally destroyed the project they’re in.

Breaking Aquaman Star Says Acting in DCEU Movie is Clown Work & Not real Acting News and Updates

By insulting it. Isn’t really putting over your product, right? Ok, so here’s what I’m talking about. The star of Aquaman 2, AKA Black Manta himself, who, yes, he has a full credit on the film Now, Sir. Actor Yahya Abdul Mateen. The second I think I said that right, did a pretty extensive interview with Variety where he was talking about various projects he’s been in, like Candyman. Or things like Watchmen, for example. And he was asked about Aquaman 2, his role as Black Manta, and talked a little bit more about approaching that role in that universe.

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And he says that the reason he takes on projects like Aquaman is that it’s clown work, and he does serious jobs like the trial of the Chicago 7, Watchmen, and other things because he’s an actor. And sometimes you just gotta go do clown work that’s not really good, serious or fun, because you just got to do it. You know what? I appreciate his honesty, honestly. Like, look, I’ve said it so many times.

This isn’t an insult in Aquaman. You guys know if you’ve been a member of this channel or listening to the podcast. As far back as the first-ever podcast, I’ve always said the awful man is a billion-dollar franchise. Aquaman is one of the best characters in my opinion of all time, his unique world-supporting cast. And I always said Aquaman is stupid. That’s why Aquaman is a joke. That’s why nobody believes it. You look at it the way it sounds. The idea. It’s dumb. So that’s what he’s saying.

You can’t take Aquaman seriously. If you take Aquaman seriously, you missed the point of Aquaman even trying to make him serious in the comics or the movie, it doesn’t work. He inherently has something stupid attached to him because the character is meant to be cheesy and ridiculous. So I kind of agree with him. It is clown work, but. He should have chosen his words more carefully and explained it a little more instead of, well, I take on serious roles. And then I got throwaway roles like Aquaman, which are just clown roles. That doesn’t really come off good, and it makes your product look bad.