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Brandi Boyd Parents and ethnicity actress Brandi Boyd has been a popular TV host and rapper. She is well-known for being in a reality show called Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. She also appeared on her own show, Nora’s Hair Salon II (2008) as well as Nora’s Salon (2004) as well as Fat Albert (2004).

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Brandi Boyd’s Parents (Father and Mother) and Siblings

Brandi Hansen’s parents’ details are not disclosed by her. The details of her sister aren’t publicized.


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Brandi Boyd Ethnicity, Nationality

We’ve talked about Brandi Boyd’s parents, and now is the right time to discuss his ethnic background . We would like to inform you that his race is Afro-Asian. Brandi Boyd is of American citizenship.


Brandi Boyd Wiki, Biography

Brandi Boyd was born the 9th of September the 9th of September, 1984. Her birthplace was LA, California, USA. The full title of her name is Brandi Boyd, also called Brandi Hensen. Brandi attended an local high school to finish her high school studies. There, she finished her studies at high school. Brandi has graduated , however her college information is not public.

Brandi Boyd Age, Biography

If we are talking about Brandi Boyd’s age, then we would like to inform you that she has completed her life’s 37 years in 2022. Brandi has a age of 37 when she turns 2022.

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Today we will discuss his zodiac sign however because her birth date is September 9 Her Zodiac Sign is Virgo. Her religion isn’t known.

Age37 years
Zodiac SignVirgo

Brandi Boyd Husband

We’ve discussed a lot of things in relation to Brandi Boyd, however now is the right time to discuss his marriage status, so we would like to inform you that she’s married. She was engaged to Max (Lux) Boyd who is a rapper and songwriter. The couple got wedding in 2007. They have two kids a son who is named Prince Brandus and one daughter named Princess Cadence was born in the year 2019.

Brandi Boyd Height, Weight

If we are talking about Brandi Boyd’s weight and height, then we’d like to tell us that her height was 5’2″. Her weight is not yet known.

Height5’2 inches

Brandi Boyd Career

Brandi Hansen also appeared on screen in Nora’s Hair Salon II (2008) as well as Nora’s Salon (2004) as well as Fat Albert (2004).

Her most well-known role is her role on the VH1 show Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Brandi Hansen, along with her husband, as well as her co-stars, also worked together on the show’s second season.

She’s even been taken into custody for a dispute with her husband’s ex-wife, Becky.

Brandi Boyd Net Worth

In this article, we will talk discuss Brandi Boyd’s Net Worth. Brandi Boyd was an American World Cup alpine ski racer, so her earnings were extremely high. Therefore, we would like to inform our readers that the net worth of his is around $1 million.

Whitney Houston fans rip goddaughter Brandi Boyd for claiming she knows about the star’s life before her death as a…

White Houston fans have slammed Goddaughter Brandi Boyd for saying she have information about the singer’s childhood when the actress appeared in the documentary.

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The cult doc of the legendary star, Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: Didn’t You Nearly Get All was aired in the US on Lifetime at the end of Saturday’s night.

12 Whitney Houston’s new documentary Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: Didn’t We Almost was aired on LifetimeCredit Alamy

12 The goddaughter of Whitney Brandi Boyd was spotted on the show. Credit: YouTube

When Whitney did not have a child other than her the daughter Bobbi along with Bobby Brown, she did have godchildren One of them was Brandi.

But viewers were shocked by Brandi appearing in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood when she talked about private moments from Whitney even being an infant when they happened.

People have taken to Twitter to swiftly respond, as one user wrote: “I don’t believe nothing Brandi Boyd says in this documentary.” …”

Another commenter added: “How is Brandi up on the internet talking about her childhood life even though she’s 20 years older?”

12 Brandi did a deep dive into her early life moments. Credit: YouTube

12 But, this has thrown many fans of the famous YouTube star out of the way: YouTube

Fans were not done, however. one person commented: “I get that Brandi’s her goddaughter. But how did she knows all the things that took place when she was an infant at that time?”

A fourth said: “Why is Brandi from hiphop and love in this narrative? Wasn’t she just a child at this period?”

12 Many fans were puzzled as to the reason Brandi was telling her story even though she was an ‘infant’ at the time. Credit Twitter

12 A user didn’t trust Brandi’s accounts. Credit: Twitter

12 “She’s probably 20 years younger than she is, one fan wrote. Credit: Twitter

12 A third person was unsure of the way Brandi was aware of ‘all this stuff’ that occurred when she was an infant at the time’Credit Twitter

Many viewers were also off by her appearance in a post by a viewer: “I’m sorry but Brandi should not be on this.”

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Another commenter said: “Brandi Boyd’s chaotic energy can be a hindrance to the documentary.”

Brandi is an executive producer on this document the project she started working on in 2018.

12 The 36-year-oldwho was a guest as a guest on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and is also the executive producer of Whitney’s documentary credit: Getty Images Getty

12 The documentary is focused on the challenges that Whitney along with her daughter Bobbi Kristina, have shared with the world. Getty Images Getty Images Getty

She has previously stated to TheGrio: “I’m honored to be among the executive producers since we don’t get to hear about the joy and the joy and the beauty and the bond they shared, them and her beautiful daughter.

“We are just hearing a lot of negativity on replay , and I knew that at the right moment, it was a good occasion to relay their story, which combines is positive and the truth.”

12 Whitney was a friend of Bobbi with Bobby BrownCredit, the singer: Reuters

12 Whitney died in 2012 and Bobbi died three years later. Credit The Associated Press: AP.

She said: “My godmother, I wish to acknowledge that she was the one who gave me courage. She was always there to teach me, and I love all people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim or whatever religion you follow, we don’t decide. We love all…”

The new documentary showed the challenges Whitney and Bobbi endured as they were in the spotlight, and eventually they were turning to alcohol and other drugs to find relief.

The majority of readers read Entertainment

Whitney was only 48 when she died in 2012, after she drowned. The cause of death was cocaine, which was later believed to have played a role in her death.

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FAQ About Brandi Dest

Q.1 What is Brandi Boyd?

Ans. Brandi Boyd has been a popular TV persona and rapper.

Q.2 Was Brandi Boyd’s parents?

Ans. Brandi Boyd’s parents’ details are not publicly available.

Q.3 What’s Brandi Boyd’s ethnicity?

Ans. Brandi Boyd’s ethnicity lies in Afro-Asian.