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The new Blogger brothers encounter a challenge that I had the same issue that was after all, what platform should I choose? WordPress or Blogger? WordPress So today’s blog post will explain Blogger vs. WordPress i,

There are many other platforms available to blog, including WIX, Tumblr etc. However, the two most popular platforms that professional websites is possible to build can be built are Blogger as well as WordPress.

They are most frequently used. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, too. Let me make another thing: is also dependent on the platform that is best for which person.

In this article, I’ll provide you with all the details about both platforms, and what are their advantages or which ones are disadvantages we will discuss everything, and then you can read the entire article to the very end.

What is Blogger?

What is Blogger?

As I had previously told you, Blogging is an excellent platform there is a place to start the blog of your choice.

The greatest thing regarding this service is it’s an initiative of Google and Google itself, which means there is no chance of experiencing any issue.

On this platform, you will get everything that are on the dashboard, including the theme editor, or any of the other things that are important. The great thing about this platform is that if your have an understanding about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) then you can make the customizations effortlessly.

The most important reason to the fact that this platform is utilized the most is the free service that lets you start an online presence for absolutely no cost.

Additionally, you will get the domain for free , however can also be included inside it. Suppose you have selected mytechnicalhindi then the domain you will get for free will be

The problem isn’t that the blogger site is not ranked, but you are able to conduct your own research and check. You can also add your own domain name on blogger.

If you’re looking to create a website using blogger, your price is only for the domain. If you don’t wish to make a website of your own the domain is also available. the domain free of charge.

Blogger Pros:

  • If you are using Blogger, you don’t need to sign up for hosting. You can run your website online without hosting.
  • Domains can be taken at no cost for as many you like. It’s not even that they don’t rank the domain. Blogger’s site also ranks in the top domain.
  • If you use Blogger, you’ll find a variety of themes available online at no cost, so you can quickly create a professional website or blog.
  • The Blogger site that is hosted by Blogger is always up and running, regardless of how much traffic it receives.
  • In this case, you don’t need to purchase an SSL certificate. Instead, you have the option of enabling it for free on the Blogger’s dashboard.

Blogger Cons

  • If you create a website using Blogger the site, you should be familiar with HTML because it’s built on HTML.
  • Since blogger is built on HTML and HTML, you don’t have the option of installing any type of plugin here it is necessary to create any code.
  • In Blogger you are unable to alter your site. Similar to URL Vagera it is the same with Blogger. You do not have the option of everything mentioned above.
  • On Blogger you don’t have access to the same level of customer service as what you can get from WordPress.
  • A professional site cannot be built on Blogger when compared with WordPress. Since there are no plugins installed in the blogger theme nor in the premium theme.

What is WordPress?

Let’s now talk about what exactly is WordPress? WordPress is an excellent and user-friendly blogging platform, allowing you to develop your own professional site or blog.

If you look at it, WordPress has more advantages over Blogger since you can create a blog, alter or design things however you want.

If you are familiar with are a HTML expert or not. whether you know how to HTML or not, you are able to modify your site immediately. If you have the option of installing plugins, you can incorporate a number of things to ensure that your site will be extremely effective.

Furthermore, since you can install plugins that offer many SEO features and if you decide to install SEO plugins to your website You can be sure that you’ll get plenty of help with SEO.

Today, since WordPress provides the top services, you’ll need to pay a fee. You must purchase hosting instead of WordPress.

It is also necessary for the domain to be purchased. On the internet you will find numerous Sari hosting companies which offer you with hosting at a reasonable price and also offers top services.

Then you can install WordPress on these hosting. In the beginning, you’ll need purchase a domain, and connect it to your hosting.

WordPress Pros:

  • There are plugins that you can install in WordPress. By using these plugins, you can incorporate different kinds of content on your blog or website and, as a result, you’ll also benefit from SEO.
  • If you’re using WordPress even if your do not know the basics of HTML you can make complete customization without any worries.
  • It’s very simple to make menu or other modifications within WordPress.
  • If you are facing any kind of issue or issue with the WordPress panel, you can reach their customer service or support for the hosting company you use.
  • WordPress website ranks higher than the Blogger site. It’s not so much that the website hosted by Blogger is not ranked but there’s a small distinction.

WordPress Cons:

  • The most significant disadvantage is that you are unable to make use of WordPress without cost. You’ll need to buy the domain and hosting separately and only then will you be able to utilize it.
  • In WordPress there is storage as per the hosting you use plans, which means that you can store as much information as you are allowed to by the hosting plan. It’s not the same as with Blogger. In Blogger, you can save as much data as you like. If you purchase an excellent hosting plan you can avail the benefit of unlimited storage.

Blogger VS WordPress

As you learn about Blogger as well as WordPress and see a few of their cons and pros and cons, you should have learned a bit about which one is superior. WordPress certainly.

However, we must to examine both platforms in more in detail. So let’s do point to point now. Blogger Vs WordPress for HindiAbout the same.


In terms of the installation process, Blogger is the best choice. Because it is the only way to install WordPress you must purchase hosting first, and then install and set up WordPress Then, some issues become more difficult, but no problem at all.

It’s not similar to this with Blogger, you simply need to sign up for an account and begin creating articles by uploading topics or other themes. This is why Blogger is more efficient in terms of installing.


Blogger wins here in terms of price and also. Blogger VS WordPress in HindiNS. Since I mentioned previously, you must buy hosting on your own for WordPress and you are able to make use of WordPress and buy a domain. After that, for WordPress it is more expensive. up a little.

This isn’t the case in Blogger it is a matter of having to connect your domain, there is no need to buy hosting.


The Blogger platform is also great for control. Because you won’t find many things from Blogger and also because there is no need for hosting to be connected you don’t need to handle that either.

However, this is not the case with WordPress in any way. There is also the need to maintain your hosting account with WordPress However, after you’ve learned that it’s not that difficult.


The most crucial feature is the features aspect and the winner in this category is WordPress without a doubt. Since you can get the best options in WordPress which means that you can grow your blog or website , or you can improve it. As for the plugins feature, I like it. and more.

This isn’t the case In Blogger however, as you don’t receive many features. The layout is simple but you are required to do the work that you can in that. Coding is a way for making changes or implement.


When it comes to security, you can get better security with WordPress as well. WordPress is the best because you can utilize a variety of plugins that are available in WordPress and you can use them without difficulty by installing plugins to add security.

Blogger doesn’t have any plugins that are installed, and this is the reason it isn’t possible to observe any security features in it.


For storagespace, Blogger could be the clear winner, or not, but it does mean it is certain that you can get unlimited storage on Blogger however, you can have unlimited storage with WordPress.

If you choose to purchase hosting through an excellent plan. Certain plans don’t provide unlimited hosting, while others do the option of taking any plan that meets your requirements.


For support, we can conclude that WordPress is extremely reliable as you can get support via email from many WordPress websites and you can get prompt responses from them. You can also speak with your hosting company if you have any issue.

In the contact support that Blogger offers the service, you don’t receive a response as quickly however it does not mean that you won’t be assisted there.


In WordPress you have the option of an automatic backup. It is either included in your hosting plan , or you can make it happen by using plugins and other tools. WordPress is the most reliable in regards to backup.

If we are talking of Blogger then you must manually backup. However, the process isn’t difficult. You are able to easily backup from Blogger.


SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization It is a fact that WordPress is more effective. It is also the most crucial thing for bloggers. Thanks to plugins, the process of SEO becomes simple in WordPress and increases the chance of being ranked.

Due to the lack of plugins in Blogger, Blogger lags behind, however, I’ll add that the blogger site doesn’t rank as high as this. Just take charge of all of it.


So, dear readers, I am hoping you enjoyed this post a lot. what I have explained to you in this post, should have understood . Blogger WordPress VS Blogger You should have understood all the information.

For today’s post, that’s it if you Blogger vs. WordPress If you would like to discuss anything with me, do not hesitate to contact me via commenting. We’ll see you again in the next post for sure, but until then, continue exploring our blog and keep learning more as well.