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Bihar MVPY Yojana -You will find information regarding the MVPYYYJANA Application Online Register, Login, and Status here. Bihar Government has recently launched SSPMIS Portal under an MVPY Yojana. You can use the portal to check the status of your pension. You can apply for pensions due to old age on SSPMIS. SSPMIS portal, then log in to check the status of your pension.

Let us inform the world of the fact that the SSPMIS Portal has been launched under the MVPY Scheme i.e. Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme. This is a great initiative by the Bihar government. The portal was created by the government to assist the less fortunate sections of society. SSPMIS provides an online platform that provides details about registration and payments and other matters that are related to the social welfare departments.

What is Bihar MVPY Scheme

MVPY Yojana was launched on 01 April 2019 by the Government of Bihar. Bihar Social Welfare Department (Bihar Samaj Kalyan Vibhag) A scheme issued by Which is being implemented to help the elderly of Bihar state. MVPY scheme is that is designed for people who are over 60 years old. Through the MVPY scheme, elderly are financially assisted, and this is provided in the form of the monthly payment of pension.

What is work the Bihar MVPY scheme work? (Bihar MVPY Yojana )

Mukhymantri Vridhdhajan pension plan (mvpy program)It is divided into two categories. the first one includes elderly (old) aged range of 60 to 79 years old, and the second one includes older (old) over 80 years old. Anyone aged is 60 years or older and 79 years old is entitled to a monthly pension amounting to Rs 400. The person who is over 80 years old gets an annual pension of 500 rupees.

Eligibility for applying in Bihar MVPY Scheme (bihar mvpy yojana Eligibility)

  • To benefit from the scheme Mvpy, first the person who is eligible to benefit has to reside permanently in Bihar state.
  • The beneficiary’s age must be greater than 60 years old.
  • For those who are retired state employees from Bihar state are not eligible to participate in the mvpy Yojana (mvpy scheme).
  • If the person who is the beneficiary isn’t making use of any sort of pension or scheme run by the government or pension, he may apply for mvpy schemes.

The benefits of Bihar MVPY Scheme (Bihar MVPY Yojana )

  • The Mvpy scheme was designed for people over 60 years of age.
  • Mukhyamantri Vriddhajan Pension Yojana (Mukhyamantri Vriddhajan Pension Yojana) is available until the death of the old man.
  • The money received under the Mvpy scheme will be transferred to the accounts of the recipient.

The required documents for bihar’s MVPY scheme

In order to be eligible to an application for Bihar Chief Minister’s Old Age Pension Scheme Certain documents must be submitted, and these have been further explained.

  • Identity card of the applicant
  • Aadhar card
  • bank passbook
  • Age certificate
  • Address evidence
  • mobile number
  • aadhaar certificate form
  • Photo (Passport Size)

Take note that you will receive the Aadhaar consent form from its official website. From there, you can download the form.

How to Apply/Registration in Bihar MVPY Scheme (bihar mvpy yojana me avedan/registration )

When applying for applying for Bihar Chief Minister Vridhdhajan Pension Yojana, certain essential things need to be taken into consideration, similar important items or factors are listed next.

  • Candidates who are interested in applying for MVPY Scheme Social Security Pension Management Information System Department or Social Welfare Government Of Bihar It is necessary to visit the website for official applications of.
  • Once you have logged onto the website for official information, you will need to click on the link of Sign up for Mvpy.
  • After that, the fundamental details, like: name, birth date the voter ID number etc. need to be filled out.
  • Then, you need complete the Aadhaar number, and then click the button to confirm Aadhaar verification.
  • If the data entered is accurate, then click the Proceed Process button, and the process will begin immediately.
  • The MVPY registration form will be open.
  • Complete all the details asked in the correct manner and if documents are required to be uploaded, the documents must be uploaded.
  • After you have filled out the MVPY registration form If you would like to go back and review the form after that, click the button to preview the form and, after reviewing the form, hit the last button.

Based on the information given above, you can fill the application/registration form for Bihar Mukhyamantri Vridhdhajan Pension Scheme.

How to Login for Bihar MVPY Scheme (bihar mvpy yojana ke liye login kaise kare)

If you have registered successfully, you are able to login to the site periodically to review the scheme. To do this, read these points attentively.

  • To begin, you must go to the homepage of the official site.
  • Then click on your login or click on the link.
  • After you click on the button to login, you’ll be required to enter your user name and password. This is what you will have received or entered after signing up.
  • After you have filled in the login and password successfully, you’ll be required to fill in the captcha code provided.
  • Once you have completed all of the required fields, you need to click”Submit”.

What should you do if are unable to remember your SSPMIS password (SSPMIS password Bhul jane par kya par jane)

However, if you’ve lost the password, make sure you follow these steps attentively.

  • To begin, you need to visit the homepage of the official site.
  • Then click on your login or click on the link.
  • Then, after filling out the username and with the code for captcha, click the link or button to forget password.
  • Then you’ll receive your password via the mobile number you entered at the time of registration.
  • This way, you’ll be able sign in into your existing account.

How to Check Application Status in Bihar MVPY Scheme (bihar mvpy yojana me application status kaise dekhe)

  • Before examining the status of an application in the MVPY scheme, prospective applicants have to visit the official site of the Social Security Pension Management Information System Department or Social Welfare Government Of Bihar.
  • Once you have logged onto their official site, users need to click on the link of Sign up for Mvpy.
  • Then, the option to Search Application Status has to be chosen.
  • Then, you need to enter the information selecting one of the options of Beneficiary ID Account Number, Account Number Number, Aadhar number. After you have entered the correct information then you must input the code for captcha. Once you have entered the captcha code you need to click search.
  • If the information supplied by you is accurate, then you will be able to see the status of your application.

How to Check Payment Status of Bihar MVPY Scheme (bihar mvpy yojana ki bhugtan kaise dekhe)

After your registration is verified once the registration is confirmed, you’ll start receiving your monthly pension. You can track your pension status by reading the following paragraphs carefully.

  • Always the first step is to need to go to this official site.
  • Following this, you’ll be required to select the option to e-beneficiary, after a few clicks on the screen.
  • Then a new screen will appear and you need to access pay report.
  • Then, after you click on”Check” Beneficiary Status, a different page will be opened.
  • After that, you will need choose your district and block.
  • In the list of beneficiary names you must select the bank account number or aadhaar numbers.
  • The chosen number must be entered.
  • After you have filled in all the information after completing all the details, you will be able to see how much you have paid. transaction.

How can I find the Beneficiary Information for Bihar MVPY Scheme (bihar mvpy Yojana ka labharthi viran kaise dekhe)

To find out the beneficiary information to find out the beneficiary details Bihar MVPY scheme You must adhere to the below guidelines.

  • First , you need visit this official site.
  • Once you have visited the website After that, you’ll need to select your district and block.
  • In the list of beneficiaries you will need to select either a bank account number, or an aadhaar code.
  • The selected number needs to be filled in.
  • After filling in all the information, you’ll be required be able to input the captcha number.
  • If the data is correct, you’ll be able to be able to see the beneficiary information of Bihar MVPY plan.

Bihar MVPY Scheme Help (bihar mvpy yojana sambandhi madad)

We have attempted to provide every detail regarding the Bihar MVPY scheme in full However, if you require any additional information about the Bihar MVPY program, you can contact us at the helpline number or via email listed below.

Toll-Free Number:- 1800 345 6262
E-mail:- [email protected]

If you require any additional details regarding the Bihar MVPY scheme You can reach out to the district officials in your area.

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