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Bhagavanth Kesari Movie Review: Plot, Cast, Story, Music and Cinematography,

The latest Telugu movie Bhagavanth Kesari by Sateesh Vegesna has been capturing the attention of filmgoers through a new plot and marvelous performances. Raghava, played by Nithin, is a young man searching for the meaning of his life. Bhagavanth Kesari tells a poignant story in a mesmerizing manner through its poignant story and engaging visuals. This article focuses more on the story, acting, and other things that happened in the movie.



Raghava is a talented artist but has to attend to familial commitments. He gets enmeshed in a controversial religious movement that rocks his religious faith. He starts to question everything he believed, as he navigates through the group’s practices and ideas. However, his life undergoes transformation when he falls in love with Sandhya, played by Shruti Haasan, an important character in his path to self-realization. Would Raghava discover his destiny or succumb to society’s expectations?


Nithin impressively portrays as Raghava with depth and vulnerability. He wears real emotions on his sleeve which makes it easy for viewers to understand his pains. shruti Haasan’s performance is also impressive as Sandhya and it goes on to prove that she can act well. Their romantic scenes crackle with chemistry that you can feel, and make their feelings seem real and tender.

Music and Cinematography

Music and Cinematography

Krishna Chaitanya’s music is very soulful and fits perfectly into the plot. The back score goes hand in hand with the atmosphere of every scene making the whole show even more enjoyable for the audience to watch. The attention to details is seen in each frame and is an indication of the direction of Sateesh Vegesna. Cinematography by Rajashekar starring Karthick is breathtaking and showcases rural India at its best.

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The author, Bhagavanth Kesari mentions issues like spiritualism, feeling of crisis in personality, relationships in a family, and social pressures. The ideas are relevant to the current generation, thus adding meaning to the film. Dialogue is good, it provokes one’s thinking even long after the end credits.



Finally, Bhagavanth Kesari is an unforgettable play that creates empathy and sparks thought simultaneously. Finding a goal in our lives can be as difficult yet still worth exploring process. This is an amazing film that includes outstanding performances, great music, and exceptional directing that everyone should watch for an intriguing movie experience.


Was Bhagavanth Kesari based on a true story?

 The film is not about a true story. The story is made up by director Sathesh Vigesna.c

What does the ‘Bhagavanth Kesari’ signify? 

Literally it means ‘Lion of God.’ It defines Raghava who is bold and perseverant while on a journey towards self realization.

What does the film mean in terms of spiritual life? 

Spirituality is explored throughout the film, encompassing various areas where questions arise as people strive for tranquillity in a turbulent world. The movie gives a modern view of religion, belief, and devotion through the experiences of Raghava.

Could there be any special thing on the film’s soundtrack?

 “Anando Brahma” is definitely a song with fusion of both of modern as well as native instruments. Having in mind this, composer Krishna Chaitanya used some notes of tribal music to create flavour. Protection Status