Besham Brian Sugrim: Killing Linda Kay Gibson

It was 2003 and the brutal murder of Linda Kay Gibson took the nation by storm. Linda Kay Gibson was a carer who worked as a former worker on the streets of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Linda, 39, was discovered on September 14, 2003 in the wasteland of the Edison area. She was found naked under a pile of dirt and garbage. Her body was deliberately placed with her arms and legs outstretched, according to investigators at her time.
However, the case remained unsolved for more than eight years before shocking revelations disrupted the investigation. During the investigation, authorities discovered that Besham “Brian” Sugrim was involved in the murder of Linda Kay Gibson.

Who is Besham Brian Sugrim?

Besham Brian Sugrim is the assassin charged with the murder of Linda Kay Gibson. Linda Kay Gibson was a former worker who made her living on the streets of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Besham Brian Sugrim is serving a life sentence at Kinross Penitentiary in Kincheloe, Michigan for the murder of Linda Kay Gibson.
His wife said she and her daughter were so frightened that she had not confessed to the crime for eight years. Similarly, his daughter recounted how abusive her father had been to her, claiming that she doesn’t know exactly how he killed Linda, but is sure he killed someone.
Besham “Brian” Sugrim was arrested in May 2011 for assaulting her young daughter and sentenced to between 56 months and 10 years in prison. Brian’s wife, Bernadette, made an unexpected revelation after the assault. She claimed that her husband had confessed to two murders, one of which was that of Linda.
Eight years of unsolved murder with the first leading suspect set off an unexpected chain of events. Investigation into the case began, and one of the former sex workers testified that on the night of September 14, 2003, Brian had him and Linda in his van. Likewise she had a fight with Brian and Linda and he was over her before she ran from there.
Brian agreed that Linda was in his car at night, but insisted that another man joined him. He claimed they were all on drugs, but she never saw Linda after she got out of the van. Brian soon moved to New York to live with his family, and on September 16, 2003, reported that the van had disappeared. A witness who was near the landfill at the time said he saw the van entering the area and leaving less than 30 minutes later.

Brian’s daughter, who was 11 at the time of the trial, gave conclusive testimony. The girl explained how she was always afraid of her Brian and how he called her and her mother’s names. In her statement, she said she saw Brian shooting and killing two dogs and threatened to kill people.
According to Bernadette, Brian admitted to killing Linda in 2003. He claimed he killed Gibson in the van. He allegedly stabbed her to death with her knife, smeared her bleach on her car, and dumped her body. Brian also told Bernadette that in 1996 they shot a man in his parents’ basement in New York while they were still dating. Demetrius Carter was a victim and Bernadette said Brian did so to frame his father.
Police searched the couple’s backyard, where Brian burned items in the fire pit and kept Linda’s clothes and other evidence. According to authorities, Brian also stole the identity of his deceased older brother to avoid deportation.

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