Bernie Madoff’s sister Sondra Wiener dies in ‘suicide agreement’ with husband

The couple’s bodies were found at their residence on Friday. Both died of gunshot wounds. after the death of financier Last year, Bernie Madoff’s family had another shock this year. His older sister, Sondra Wiener, died along with her husband in a suicide pact he had signed. Sondra Wiener, 87, and her 90-year-old husband, were found dead with gunshot wounds in the Valencia Lakes block west of Boynton Beach, according to Palm Beach County authorities.

Bernie Madoff passed away last year and was a long-standing Wall Street figure in 2009 when investigators pleaded guilty to organizing a massive fraud scheme that extorted hundreds of thousands of people from their hard-earned money. The scam began in the early 1970s and defrauded up to $65 billion by the day Madoff was charged in December 2008.

Madoff was found dead after serving 150 years in a North Carolina prison in April of last year. His wife, Ruth Madoff, said she and Madoff attempted suicide together during her crisis, but she failed. Bernie’s scam also took money from the Wieners, who had to sell their house to survive and move to a much smaller home.

“This is not a murder,” said one source. An official said, “It was an agreement between the two people.” “He was sick and dying, and they both agreed to die together when the time came. So what happened there was because they both wanted it.” According to Sondra Wiener’s husband, Sondra’s husband was slowly dying of an illness, and he made a contract with her so that when both of them came in time, she decided to leave this world together. Wiener’s illness was not disclosed by this confidential source.

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