Bathroom is hot and getting suffocated due to scorching heat, so cool it like this

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Due to heat, not only in the room, but your bathroom also starts suffocating and it starts heating up. Try these tips to cool him down.

hi summer! The same thing would come out of your mouth again and again these days, wouldn’t it? What to be We keep trying to cool our rooms. But have you noticed how hot it gets in your bathroom?

There is no room-like ventilation in the bathroom and hence the hot air in your bathroom keeps circulating and suffocating. We Indians spend most of our day in the bathroom anyway, so why not do something to keep the bathroom cool?

Now this does not mean that you put fans or ACs there to cool the bathroom. You can also try some other tips to keep him cool naturally. Let us tell you such tips and tricks today, by which you can try to cool down your bathroom.

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Keep the bathroom blinds closed during the day

We think that if the doors are closed then how can there be heat in the room, but let us tell you that the heat is more during the day time and since the blinds of the windows are open for us, then it starts getting more heat in the room. If the window blinds in your bathroom are open, it will heat up, so keep them closed during the day. you in his place blackout curtainreflective blinds and insulated window film.

Remove heat by running a bathroom fan

You have to improve the air circulation in your bathroom, only then your bathroom will be cool. If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, run it during the day and in the evening to get all the hot air out. After bathing in the bathroom, hot air often rises up, causing suffocation. To remove this hot air, it is necessary to run the fan. Along with this, use a stationary fan to circulate the air in your house and keep cool air.

don’t lock the doors

ventilation in bathroom

How is it possible for cold air to remain in your bathroom, but let me tell you that it can happen. Most of us keep bathroom doors and vents closed. If you do not want the air in your room to go to the bathroom and hot air to escape, then keep the doors and vents open for it. Also, keep the rooms closed if you are not using them.

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let the evening air circulate

Temperatures are warm during the day and there is a sharp drop in temperature in the evening, so the evening and night air are cooler. Keep your windows open during this time. If cold air is circulated in your house and bathroom throughout the night, then the room will also remain cool. Just keep in mind that as soon as you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is close your window because as the sun rises in the morning, the heat will start increasing and the cooled bathroom will become hot again.

use less energy

energy saving in bathroom

There is a lot of light in the day as well, so there is no point in turning on the lights. Burning of unnecessary lights in the house also increases the bill and the heat also increases. Often we keep our hairstyling tools in the bathroom and use them, it can also be hot. So when not using lights and electronics, turn them off. You may not believe it, but even this makes a big difference in the temperature of your bathroom and room (Ways to cool a room with a fan,

Now whenever the bathroom feels hot, then definitely think about which of these things you are doing wrong. To keep it cool, air circulation has to be improved and for this you have to adopt these tips.

We hope this information will be useful to you and your bathroom will be cool too. If you liked this article then like and share it. Keep reading to know more such tips.


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