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In the realm of cinema, there are films that challenge conventions and push the boundaries of storytelling. Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” is one such daring creation that subverts expectations and defies the norms of IP-driven movies. Starring Margot Robbie as the titular character, the film delves into Barbie’s existential crisis and questions her impact on the world. With a blend of adult-themed humor, thought-provoking messages, and sensational dance sequences, “Barbie” proves to be a cinematic experience like no other.

A Bold and Loving Dissection

A Bold and Loving Dissection

“Barbie” unapologetically deconstructs the iconic doll’s image, intentionally disrespecting the very IP it represents, albeit in a loving and hyper-stylized manner. Co-written by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, the film explores Barbie’s influence on culture, both positive and negative. It cleverly critiques the values perpetuated by the doll while offering insights into how Barbie and her counterpart, Ken, may perceive the real world. This unique approach elevates “Barbie” above conventional IP-driven films and firmly establishes its own identity.

A Not-So-Childish Movie

Despite its PG-13 rating, “Barbie” isn’t your typical family-friendly film. The movie delves into adult-themed humor and nuanced storytelling that might fly over younger audiences’ heads. Unlike the light-heartedness of “Toy Story,” “Barbie” aims to resonate with mature viewers, challenging them to rethink the character’s societal impact. While it may not be explicitly intended for children, the film’s vibrant song and dance numbers remain entertaining for all ages.

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A Tale of Emotional Discovery

A Tale of Emotional Discovery

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of “stereotypical Barbie” is nothing short of remarkable. Her character embarks on a crisis of identity, starting with the belief that Barbie has positively influenced society, only to confront the darker side of her legacy. Robbie’s character development is masterfully crafted, resonating deeply with audiences as she grapples with her role in shaping perceptions of beauty and femininity.

Ryan Gosling’s Hilarious Turn as Ken

Ryan Gosling’s comedic prowess shines as he embodies the iconic Ken. The actor brings charisma and impeccable timing to his portrayal, particularly as he struggles to be a lifeguard while sporting an endearing ineptitude. Gosling’s Ken offers delightful comic relief and complements Margot Robbie’s Barbie flawlessly.


Greta Gerwig’s Versatility as a Filmmaker

Greta Gerwig's Versatility as a Filmmaker

“Barbie” is a testament to Greta Gerwig’s versatility as a filmmaker. Having directed four distinct films, she defies industry pressures to confine directors to a particular genre. Her ability to navigate various storytelling styles, including the unique take on Barbie, showcases her exceptional talent and artistic vision.

A Vibrant and Captivating World

The world of “Barbie,” brought to life by Greta Gerwig and her production designer Sarah Greenwood, is a visual feast. The movie exudes bright, vivid colors, creating a hyper-stylized setting that immerses viewers in a delightful and fantastical realm. Costume designer Jacqueline Duran’s work further complements the film’s aesthetic, capturing the essence of the iconic dolls.

A Touch of Imperfection

A Touch of Imperfection

While “Barbie” largely impresses with its bold storytelling, there are a few minor hiccups. The film could have been slightly trimmed to enhance its pacing and eliminate sequences that don’t significantly contribute to the narrative. Additionally, certain jokes didn’t land as well as others, leading to moments of silence in the theater.

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Mixed Reception for Mattel Sequences

One aspect of the film that polarized audiences is the sequences set inside the fictional, stylized Mattel world. While some found them entertaining and impactful, others perceived them as forced and less engaging than the interactions between Ken and Barbie.

A Powerful and Thought-Provoking Message

A Powerful and Thought-Provoking Message

At its core, “Barbie” aims to impart meaningful messages, especially relevant to women. The film delves into themes of self-discovery, questioning societal expectations, and redefining one’s identity. While the humor and dance numbers provide entertainment, it’s the film’s deeper reflections that truly leave a lasting impact.


Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” is a bold and daring cinematic venture that dares to challenge the very essence of an iconic cultural figure. With a masterful blend of humor, emotional depth, and stunning visuals, the film is a testament to Gerwig’s filmmaking prowess and her ability to navigate diverse storytelling styles. While not intended solely for children, “Barbie” remains a captivating and thought-provoking experience for audiences of all ages. It is a cinematic journey that deconstructs the notions of femininity, beauty, and societal expectations, leaving viewers with a profound appreciation for the complexities of cultural icons.