Bala met Prithviraj!, Akshay Kumar’s fans said, ‘another flop from Bollywood’

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Every few days, one or the other film of Akshay Kumar gets released. He also often reaches for promotions in The Kapil Sharma Show. This time also this opportunity has come again in his hands. He is coming soon with his film Prithviraj.

The discussions about this film have been going on for a long time. The film was in the making for a long time. Before this film, Miss World Manushi Chillar is going to debut in Bollywood. The news related to this film was being heard often. But now its trailer is in front of us.

The trailer is amazing as it not only stars Akshay Kumar but also stars like Ashutosh Rana and Sanjay Dutt. All of these work looks amazing. But Sonu Sood is also looking amazing. All of them have important characters in the film.


But now Akshay Kumar has come under the trolls’ target. Actually there is a scene in the trailer where Akshay Kumar is wielding a sword. Here his expressions look like ‘Bala’. Like Bala means like Bala in the movie Housefull 4.

Akshay is bald in the character of Bala and he is wearing the same clothes of Raja-Maharaja. He also has mustaches. He has the same look in Prithviraj, just that he is not bald.

Now the expressions of Prithviraj and Bala are looking exactly alike to the netizens. Some people are saying that hard work has not been done for the character. So some people are also saying that this film is another Bollywood flop.

One user has also written that what should be expected when the shoot of the film has to be completed in exactly 2 months.