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Eiju Hirano Eiju Hirano Eiju Hirano is an Japanese businessperson. He is recognized as the brother of Ayumu Hirano, who is a Japanese skateboarder and snowboarder. He has been three occasions Olympic champion, four-time Winter X Games champion, and a one-time Laax Open champion. Recently, he was awarded his first gold medal at the halfpipe for men at the Olympic Games Beijing 2022.

Presently, his fans are looking for who is Ayumu Hirano’s brotherand Parents and their ethnicity. Who are Ayumu Hirano Parents? Find all the information regarding Eiji Hirano here.

Who is Ayumu Hirano’s brother?

Ayumu Hirano is an Japanese skateboarder and snowboarder. The name of his brother is Eiju Hirano, also a Japanese businessperson. Ayumu Hirano was a participant during his first Olympic Games Beijing 2022 where he took home an Olympic gold medal at the halfpipe for men event on the 11th of February, 2022.

Ayumu Hirano

Ayumu Hirano was a Japanese skateboarder and snowboarder. He has been 3 times Olympic champion, four occasions Winter X Games champion, and a one-time Laax Open champion. Recently, he was awarded an Olympic gold medal during the halfpipe for men at the Olympic Games Beijing 2022. He also took part in Olympic Games Beijing 2022 where he took home his gold medal during the halfpipe for men’s event on February 11, 2022.

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Eiju Hirano Wiki, Age

Eiju Hirano’s birthday was the 01th of July 1995. He was born at Japan, Murakami-City. He’s 26 years old at the time of his birth in 2022. His real name is Eiju Hirano. His zodiac sign is Cancer. He is a highly educated man.


Eiju Hirano and Ayumu Hirano Parents

Eiju Hirano was born and was raised by his parents in Murakami, Niigata, Japan. The couple he was born to were Hidenori Hirano ( father ) as well as Tomiko Hirano ( mother). The father of Hidenori was an avid surfer. He started a surf shop. However, after a few years Ayumu’s dad built an skate park. He was raised with his brother, Ayumu Hirano.

Eiju Hirano Ethnicity, Nationality

Eiju Hirano’s nationality isn’t well-known. He was born and comes from Murakami, Niigata, Japan which is why he has Japanese citizenship.

Beijing Olympics: Ayumu Hirano takes off to win gold in the halfpipe, Shaun White says ‘thankful for his final run

ZHANGJIAKOU The Japanese athlete Ayumu Hirano won gold in the final of snowboard halfpipe for men on Friday during the Beijing Games and American three-time gold medalist Shaun White missed the podium at his final and fifth Olympics.
Hirano who took Silver at both Sochi and won silver at Pyeongchang as well as the Sochi Games, went into his third and final race in second place, and was under pressure to finish ahead of Australian Scotty James who put his double cork 1440, which he followed with a tail grab during the second lap.
Unaffected by the tension, Hirano dropped into his final race, catching more than 5m of air before landing the triple cork, an innovative trick that the Japanese boarder demonstrated in the beginning in events in December.

#Snowboard Men’s Snowboard HalfpipeHIRANO AYUMU wins the #Gold and lands the first-ever triple cork in an incredib… https://t.co/4mfFpPJ8ZY — Beijing 2022 (@Beijing2022) 1644549918000

Hirano’s third attempt resulted in him scoring the highest score of 96. He forced James to accept the silver medal with 92.50. Swiss Jan Scherrer, 27 took silver with 87.25.
“I’ve been working on my goal for a long time and now I’m finally there,” said the dreadlocked 23-year-old.
White who has stated that this will be his last Olympics and his final time competing professionally, placed 4th after White slid across the halfpipe’s lip on his third attempt and then slid across the wall with his feet first.
He took off his helmet and acknowledged the applause of the crowd once more, White cruised slowly down until the finish line, waiting for his score.

The ending of an age. #WinterOlympics https://t.co/9xi5tLUqc7 — Team USA (@TeamUSA) 1644549647000

The tears flooded his eyes when he hugged his opponents, who frequently refer to him as their heroes.
He was still crying. White often told journalists that he was “thankful” White was of his accomplishments and achievements in the game.
“I’m not in a state of sadness about what I’m doing today. It’s about my legacy and the work that I’m leaving,” the actor said.
“It’s incredible to watch the next generation emerge,” White added, saying tricks like Hirano’s are taking forward the game to an new standard.

Five Olympic invites @shaunwhite to the Five Olympic Games. The sport of snowboarding will not be the same again. #WinterOlympics https://t.co/HSjx1YMaYZ — Team USA (@TeamUSA) 1644548135000

Australia’s James who was awarded bronze in the Pyeongchang Games, said that he was proud to have been in a position to fight against Hirano to the very final.
“It’s been a nightmare to be an adversary (of Shaun) over the years. I was looking up at Shaun,” James said as White was crying and choking back tears and hugged his back.
The stands, which are often drab in Genting Snow Park. Genting Snow Park were packed with fans for the final race, and the area that was near where the finishing line is packed by American and Japanese participants waving their national flags. The entire crowd roared with joy when White was done with his final race.

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FAQ About Eiju Hirano

Q.1 who Is Eiju Hirano?

Ans. Eiju Hirano is an Japanese businessman.

Q.2 Which do you think is Eiju Hirano’s Age?

Ans. Eiju Hirano is 26 at the time of 2022.

Q.3 Where was Eiju Hirano Born?

Ans. Eiju Hirano’s birthplace was Japan Murakami-City, Japan.

Q.4 Who are Eiju Hirano ‘s parents?

Ans. Eiju Hirano is the son of Hidenori Hirano ( the father ) along with Tomiko Hirano ( Mom ).

Q.5 who Is Eiju Hirano ‘s brother?

Ans. Eiju Hirano’s height is 5 feet 5 inches.