What is the Avatar 2 budget in Indian rupees?

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With a total budget of 2.5 billion rupees, Avatar 2 is one of the most expensive movies ever made. The majority of the budget was spent on visual effects and CGI, with over a thousand artists working on the film.

The Avatar 2 budget was released in early 2020 and it was revealed that the movie will have a whopping budget of INR 3,000 crores. This is by far the biggest budget for any Indian movie and it is almost double the budget of the previous highest-budget Indian movie, which was Baahubali 2.

The upcoming movie Avatar 2 is one of the most anticipated films of the year. The film has a massive budget of $250 million. In terms of upgrading the infrastructure sector, this film has a huge impact. The railway budget for 2019-2020 has been increased by 20%. This is due to the construction of a new line from Chennai to Mettur. The government has also allocated funds for the development of other industries such as tourism and agriculture.

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