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If you want to avoid any negative effects of lunar eclipse, then you can try some astrological remedies according to your zodiac sign.

According to astrology, the special significance of the lunar eclipse has been told. It is believed that any type of partial or total lunar eclipse affects all the zodiac signs. Therefore, it is advisable to try some astrological remedies on the day of lunar eclipse and after it, so that there is no negative effect on your zodiac sign and there will be happiness and prosperity in life. This year the first lunar eclipse of 2022 will fall on Scorpio sign on May 16, Buddha Purnima. However, this eclipse will not be visible in India and Sutak will also not be valid but still it will have some mixed effects in all zodiac signs.

It is believed that if you donate after the lunar eclipse, then it will be auspicious for you. If you want to progress in your job, then donate sweets made from sesame seeds or sesame seeds. Offer white flowers to Shiva’s temple. Donate rice, sugar, white colored sweets to the poor to get Lakshmi. Donate milk, toys and clothes to get children, it will benefit you a lot. If you want to see all the positive effects of the eclipse, then know from astrologer and Vastu expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya ji that people of different zodiac signs can maintain peace and prosperity in the house by trying different measures on the day of lunar eclipse and after it. Huh.


Since this eclipse is going to bring some negative effects for Aries, so you have to worship Hanuman ji to remove the obstacles in your life. Recite Bajrang Baan mainly on the day of lunar eclipse.


astro remedy for taurus zodiac


gemini zodiac astro for lunar eclipse

The people of Gemini zodiac should recite Vishnu Sahasranama for the prosperity of the house. Along with worshiping Lord Vishnu, also worship Lord Ganesha, the obstacle course. In fact, doing this will be fruitful for you and there will be happiness in the house.

4Cancer zodiac sign

cancer zodiac lunar eclipse

If the people of Cancer zodiac worship Lord Shiva on the day of lunar eclipse, then all the problems of their life will be removed. Also, on the day of lunar eclipse, offer white flowers at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi, the financial condition of your house will be fine.

5Leo sun sign

leo zodiac lunar eclipse

The people of Leo zodiac should recite Aditya Hriday Stotra during the lunar eclipse. On this day you can also chant Om Bhaskarai Namah Mantra 108 times. Actually this remedy will make you lucky.


astro remedy for vergo zodiac

If the people of Virgo zodiac want to maintain happiness in life, then after the lunar eclipse, recite Ram Raksha Stotra. You can also recite Om Namo Narayan.


libra zodiac astro remedy for lunar eclipse


Hanuman Chalisa Path

This lunar eclipse is more important for Scorpio as it is mainly visible in this zodiac. To avoid any negative effects, people of Scorpio zodiac should recite Hanuman Chalisa during lunar eclipse.


geeta path remedy

The people of Sagittarius should recite Gita on this day. Especially if you recite the tenth chapter of Gita during the lunar eclipse, then it will be very beneficial for you. You can also worship Lord Vishnu.


shani dev pujan in lunar eclipse

The people of Aquarius should mainly recite Hanuman Chalisa on the day of lunar eclipse. Along with that chant Shani’s mantra. This will be the best remedy for the day of eclipse.


hanuman ji pujan capricorn zodiac

People of Capricorn should recite Sundarkand at the time of lunar eclipse and after the eclipse. This lesson will be extremely fruitful for the future of Capricorn and will bring success in life.


ramcharit manas path

People of Pisces zodiac should read Aranya Kand of Ramcharitmanas for the positive effects of lunar eclipse. Doing this will open the path of progress for Pisces and will bring prosperity in life.

Thus the first lunar eclipse of the year will bring mixed effects for all the zodiac signs. But if you try the astrological remedies mentioned here, then it will prove to be fruitful for you.

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