Are the Yellowjackets good or evil people?

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How would you react if were hungry (and maybe even in a state of compulsion) within the forest?

We’re still looking for answers to the mystery of the show’s Yellowjackets but we’re struggling with feelings of feelings of pity, terror and sympathy towards our favorite football team from high school, which later became victims of a plane crash. Teenagers make mistakes things all the time such as sleeping with their best friend’s boyfriend or engage in flirting in the presence of their coach. If in the absence of a parent is eachteenager trapped in the woods turn to a drug habit?

A quick flashback of a cannibalistic food chaos shows that the ’90s teens didn’t get the common high school life in one little bit.

Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey and Tawny Cypress play the adult version of these teens who, twenty-five years later, remain in awe of what transpired in the forest. This psychological drama pits the past experiences against contemporary threats like poisoning, blackmail, and, oh sure, some nefarious murders.