Anecdote: Raveena Tandon stood as a wall when people were calling Bachchan daughter-in-law ‘fat’

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This is the time when every celebrity on social media gets trolled for something or the other. One of these trolls is also about his looks. Celebrities always have to be beautiful and fit. If there is a slight mistake, the netizens start telling them different things.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had also heard similar things. Then when she gave birth to daughter Aaradhya. This is from 2011. Aishwarya didn’t even try to hide her pregnancy fat. She also went to the Cannes Film Festival with the same fat.


At this time, he was trolled a lot despite not being very active on social media. This was the time when Aishwarya was on a break from work and at this time she did not think it necessary to come forward and speak her mind. But there was someone who spoke on his behalf.

There was someone who was saying that if you are a celebrity, then there must be normal physical changes. This was Raveena Tandon. Actress Raveena Tandon then spoke on Twitter. He said that everyone’s body type is different. If they are taking time to get into body shape then it is ok. She is prioritizing her child and not the media telling Aishwarya what to do with her own child? (“Everyone’s body type is different, if she’s taking time is OK. Its her space, its her obligation to her child first. Instead of some portions of the media, who decide what and when Ash should do with herself and her baby? shallow and double standards, wonder if they’d do the same?”)

Talking in an interview, Raveena had said that she too has been a victim of it. When she had a son, she had become very fat after that. After that she also started working. In such a situation, he was also fat shamed in a media conference. Along with Aishwarya was also talked about.

Then Raveena told everyone that we have recently given birth to a child. Together they said that my fat will go away, how will you change your face.

Let me tell you, recently Raveena Tandon has been seen in KGF: Chapter 2 and her work is also being praised a lot.