Amber Heard confirms her role in Aquaman and Lost Kingdom ‘substantially reduced’

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DC fans are protesting to remove Amber Heard from the upcoming Aquaman and Lost Kingdom.

Heard is currently making the headlines for her contentious defamation lawsuit with her ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp.

The wishes of the fans were completely unheard by the producers of the film. Sources have confirmed that Heard’s screen time on DC’s movie has been ‘drastically reduced’.

Here is everything you need to know.

Amber Heard’s role ‘substantially reduced’ in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

Jessica Kovacevic, Amber Heard’s WME talent manager, testified in Heard’s favor at Thursday’s hearing. He claimed that Warner Bros. took him from the upcoming film, citing the reason for Heard’s ‘lack of chemistry’ with Jason Momoa.

Kovacevic’s pre-recorded testimony also indicated that Aquaman’s studio may not want the 36-year-old actress for the bad publicity she’s earned amid her ongoing legal battle.

Amber Heard confirms shortening of screen time on Aquaman and Lost Kingdom

Earlier this week, Amber Heard spoke at the hearing about her upcoming movie. The actor said he was released from his Aquaman contract.

He continued, ‘I don’t even know if I’ll be in the final cut or how long. It was difficult to stay in the movie.’

“I was given a script and then new versions of the script that took away the action scenes,” the Texas native added.

He also said, ‘They basically took a bunch from my role. They just brought out a bunch.

Heard claimed that his role in the sequel to Aquaman was reduced to ten minutes.

The Never Back Down actor stars opposite Jason Momoa in DC’s Aquaman franchise. She played the role of water warrior Princess Mera in the first Aquaman, which was released in 2018.

He has also appeared in another DC movie called Zach Snyder’s Justice League.

During the trial, it was revealed that Heard won $1 million for Aquaman. He’ll reportedly pocket double the amount for the sequel.

Depp’s loyal fans have launched an online petition to remove Heard from the Aquaman series entirely. As of now, the petition has received over 4.2 million signatures.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters on March 17, 2023.

Meanwhile, Heard prepares for the final week of his ongoing defamation trial, which begins today.


Amber Heard confirms her role in Aquaman and Lost Kingdom Amber Heard confirms her role in Aquaman and Lost Kingdom 'substantially reduced'

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