Alexander Nevsky Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family Life & Achievements

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  • Birthday: May 13, 1221
  • Died At Age: 42
  • Sun Sign: Taurus
  • Also Known As: Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky, Saint Alexander Nevsky
  • Born Country: Russia
  • Born in: Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia
  • The Prince of Novgorod
  • Spouse/Ex-: Paraskeviya (Alexandra) of Polotsk; Vasilisa
  • Father: Yaroslav II of Vladimir
  • Mother: Feodosia Igorevna of Ryazan
  • Family members: Afanasy Yaroslavich, Andrey II of Vladimir, Daniil Yaroslavich, Fyodor Yaroslavich, Konstantin Yaroslavich, Mikhail Khorobrit, Vasily of Kostroma, Yaroslav of Tver
  • Children: Andrey of Gorodets, Daniel of Moscow, Dmitry of Pereslavl, Eudoxia Aleksandrovna, Vasily Aleksandrovich
  • Died on November 14th 1263.
  • Place at the time of dying: Gorodets, Russia
  • City: Moscow, Russia

Alexander Nevsky was the Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Kiev, and Grand Prince of Vladimir. He won military victories against Sweden and Germany and earned the status as an hero. He was posthumously proclaimed sainthood through the Russian Orthodox Church in 1547. Nevsky was the great-grandson of Vsevolod III Yuryevich was made the prince of Novgorod in 1236. After a few years as Prince, Nevsky got married to Paraskeviya who was the child of Prince Polatsk. As the ruler, he worked to rebuild Russia through the promulgation of laws and constructing fortifications. He also altered the constitution foundation of his rule in Novgorod to ensure the institution of sovereignty. In connection with his friendship to Sartaq Khan, the son of Mongol ruler Batu Khan, Nevsky was declared as the grand prince of Vladimir in 1252. The prince passed away in 1263 at 42 years old. Just prior to his death, he took vows of monastic ordination and was given the name of a religious saint of Alexis.