After love and divorce twice, why doesn’t Ali Merchant want to see ‘Sara’ face

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Lock Up Contestant Ali Merchant now wants to move forward in life and is preparing to focus only on less. Recently he has come out of lock up and is trying to establish himself as an actor.

But in the meantime, he has also given an interview, in which he has admitted that now he does not want to see the face of Sara Ali Khan.

He believes that he was made fun of that he got the lock up because of ex-wife Sara. It was also said that he is moving ahead in the show by taking his name.

But Ali feels the opposite. He believes that Sara has used his name a lot. Don’t do that anymore. He should not take my limelight and now he should not even show his face to Ali.

Sara Khan was out of the show even before Ali. Although Ali was a wild card contestant and came on the show after Sara. Ali admits that people tried a lot to get him out of the show but he slowly won everyone’s heart and made friends.

Zeeshan Khan and Munawwar Farooqui are at the forefront of these friends. Ali believes that he will always be with these two. After coming out of the show, he has also met Zeeshan and both are planning to meet on Eid too.

Let me tell you, Ali and Sara got married on the show itself while being a contestant of Bigg Boss. This marriage did not last long and both of them separated.


Sara had accused him of cheating. Ali had admitted in the lock-up that he had come close to the girl in despair. And this is what Sara had come to know from the media. Whereas Ali himself wanted to tell them this.