Actress Pooja Bedi shares photos of condom ads banned in the 90s; then the uproar

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In the 1990s, a condom ad by actress Pooja Bedi was quite controversial, due to her boldness, this ad had to be banned.

Pooja Bedi is one of the famous actresses of her era, who is known for her looks and boldness. Once again Pooja has become the subject of discussion, in such a situation, a controversy has arisen again regarding her.

In the 1990s, Bollywood actress Pooja Bedi appeared in a condom ad. This condom ad was very much discussed in those days, not only this, there was a lot of ruckus about this ad. According to that time, this advertisement of Pooja was so bold that it was banned by Doordarshan.

Now after years, has shared the post with Pooja Bedi, reacting to this controversial video. They believe that it was through this ad that the sexual revolution started in India.

Pooja reacted on condom ad-

In an interview given to the media, actress Pooja Bedi spoke openly on this subject. Where he said that ‘advertisement may have been banned in India, but Western publications have considered it as the beginning of sexual revolution in India’. The ad was of the Kamasutra condom brand, shot by Alyque Padamsee, the legendary adman from Goa.

This advertisement of Pooja is very bold-

condom ad

It will not be wrong that this condom advertisement of Pooja is quite frank. In the ad, Pooja Bedi is seen taking a shower with Robinson, who was a supermodel of her time. The hot and glamorous style of Pooja Bedi is seen in the ad. According to that time, the content of this ad was quite bold, due to which Doordarshan had banned this advertisement.

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Despite being banned on Doordarshan, this ad was in the news a lot.

Even though this ad was banned on Doordarshan due to boldness, but this ad made a lot of headlines on other TV channels. Due to this, Pooja Bedi was counted among the bold actresses. Due to her boldness, she was given the title of sex symbol.

Pooja Bedi again appeared in condom ad-

condom add

Actress Pooja Bedi was once again seen endorsing condoms in the year 2019, where she spoke openly on bold topics like fake orgasms of women during the endorsement. Most of the female actresses want to avoid creating such a bold image, so it would not be wrong to say that Pooja is a bold and bold actress.

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Actress Pooja Bedi has been seen in these films-

Pooja Bedi’s debut film was ‘Vishkanya’. After this he was seen in ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’. Let us tell you that in the 90s, Pooja was a part of many films. Although Pooja does not act now, but she seems very active on social media.

Discussions about the boldness of Pooja Bedi’s mother-

Pooja’s mother Protima Bedi was a famous dancer and model. But the most headlines used to be his affair and nude pictures. She was married to actor Kabir Bedi, but after some time both of them separated. However, after the departure of Kabir, many more people came in the life of Protima. But he was married, due to which after some time everyone returned to their family. Like Pooja, her mother’s life was also full of controversies.

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