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Caryn Kadavy (born on the 9th of December in 1967) is a famous American figure skater from the United States. She was a 1997 World bronze medalist as well as a 4-time U.S. national medalist. She also competed in her 1998 Winter Olympics.


Kadavy is a native of Erie, Pennsylvania. She was an amateur skater and earned silver medals during the U.S. Championships four years consecutively, including the silver medal in 1986. She took home several awards in 1985, including in the U.S. Olympic Festival Skate Canada International, and the Moscow News Cup. She finished in the top 10 during the World Figure Skating Championships three times, winning a bronze medal in 1987.

Caryn’s first big breakthrough was her silver medal in the 1985 U.S Figure Skating Championships, in which she finished 2nd, ahead of overall champion Tiffany Chin, but ahead of Debi Thomas in the long competition. Due to her lack of figures and a drop in the short competition, she was awarded bronze and also due to only 2 places being given to U.S women at that Worlds because of Zayak’s resignation (at the time, the regulations were that at minimum, one skater who had has earned the required number of spots for a nation must to fill one of those spots in order to keep that number) she narrowly missed making her spot on the World Team. In 1986, she entered Nationals having already won two international competitions and having won the short program, beating Debi Thomas as well as Tiffany Chin, seemed to be well placed to take home the first National title. But after Thomas’s amazing five triple free skate Kadavy was nervous. Kadavy made a few big mistakes and was unable to win the title in the score of 6-3, securing silver, and being selected for her debut Worlds. Kadavy finished a disappointing 8th place, making mistakes throughout the three phases. This is the beginning to her reputation for being a nerve-wracking and unreliable athlete.

The 1987 Nationals she was once more regarded as a formidable contender to win the title, particularly when the defending champion Debi Thomas hurt and poor condition (Thomas actually lost the title to the young newcomer Caryn and her training partner Jill Trenary). But after finishing third in her compulsory rankings which was a decent position considering her true strengths in the free skating portion of the competition, Kadavy delivered a disastrous short program, which culminated in a massive waxel slip, and in which she finished 9th. With a decent skater’s performance in free skating Caryn was capable of regaining her position up to 3rd place and join the team because of Tiffany Chin’s terrible long program, in which she was unable to hit an axel double in a straight line. At Worlds she dominated her most impressive performance to date, showing great strength throughout the three phases: mandatory Figures, short program and the long program, in order winning bronze medal. She was a narrow loser to Debi Thomas by an 6-3 score in the long program and could have been awarded gold or silver if it weren’t she had popped triple toes and a double axel during the final phases in her programme. The combination of these two moves silenced a lot of her critics and made her an aspiring major contender for the podium in her 1988 Calgary Olympics.

In the 1988 Winter Olympics, she was placed 6th following the short program, but pulled out before her free skating due to flu. In the time between, Kadavy was coached by Carlo Fassi at the Broadmoor Skating Club as well as was in contact with Toller Cranston before the season 1987-1988. In December 1988 she underwent surgery to remove a cyst that had formed on an the ovary. She was unable to compete in her participation in the 1989 U.S. Championships due to the stress fracture of one ankle, and pinched nerves at the back. She was a part of Fassi with U.S adversaries Jill Trenary, and the pair had a conflicting relationship in the past.

Kadavy continued to regularly participate during professional ice shows in the 1990s and into the early 2000s. She is active in 2010. She has been the recipient of numerous professional championships such as Miko Masters (1993) and Hershey’s Kisses (1993 as well as 1994), U.S. Open (1993), Canadian Pro (1996) as well as Ladies Pro Final (1997) in addition to numerous teams in competitions. The present position is a skate instructor in Erie. Professionally, she was lauded from Scott Hamilton, Dick Button, Peggy Fleming, amongst others for showing the entire package of women’s skating. She combines an impressive technical skill for professional athletes (capable of three loops, a triple salchow, triple toe as well as double axel) fast and powerful spins and amazing artistry, with a broader range of programs and artistic options that she did not have as an amateur , where she was known only for her balletic skating style. Many people noted who saw her gain confidence and the consistency of an elite competitor, something that was a barrier for her when she was an amateur.

Highlights of the competitive scene

Winter Olympic GamesWD
World Championships8th3rd7th
Skate Canada International1st
Prize of Moscow News1st
St. Ivel International1st
U.S. Championships3rd2nd3rd3rd
WD = Withdrew