20-year-old lactating girl murdered by Richard Chavez

Richard Chavez, 24, was charged with first degree murder in the murder of Charisma Ehresman. Charisma Ehresman, a nursing student, was 20 years old. According to WFLD, Ehresman did two things to enroll at Triton College after taking a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was pursuing her nursing degree. Her father, Jeffery Ehresman, said, “Charisma is that person.” “She has a desire to help others. Helping her people was what she wanted to do.”

How did they find her?

According to prosecutors, Ehresman drove to Chavez’s Oak Park home on January 23, where remote video cameras captured Chavez coming down the sidewalk at 10:40 p.m. and entering with Ehresman. Prosecutors claim that she did not leave her house. According to prosecutors, Chavez drove Ehresman’s car up to 5900 blocks of West Iowa Street and left alone the next morning. Then he reportedly walked for almost an hour and then called his brother, just a mile away to pick him up.

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Prosecutors allege that Ehresman’s last phone call was from Chavez’s and that her phone “pinged” from his home on January 23rd. According to court records, investigators went to Chavez’s home the day she was reported missing. They detained him for a pending arrest warrant in the pending DUI case in North Riverside. According to prosecutors, when Chavez woke up, Eresmann had already left the next morning. Prosecutors allege that while Chavez was detained by police, he made a recorded phone call to his parents and asked them to prepare a passport. On January 31, 2022, the police issued a search and seizure warrant at the defendant’s home.

They found a partially wrapped suitcase in his room on January 24, 2022, hair cut from garbage and a mask in surveillance tape. According to court documents, Chavez pleaded guilty and sentenced to a misdemeanor in 2016 for resisting or obstructing police. until the grace year. In his plea, the prosecution dismissed the charge of helping a delinquent juvenile. Details of the incident were not available at the time of writing. “She had a goal. She just started college,” said her mother, Christina Ehresman. “It all started for her for her.” “All she wanted to do was help her people.” her father said

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