2 Stocks To Buy Now To Receive Bonus Shares In May 2022

You are currently viewing 2 Stocks To Buy Now To Receive Bonus Shares In May 2022

2 Stocks To Buy Now To Receive Bonus Shares In May 2022Bonus shares are declared by those companies which have good reserves. Unlike in the past few years, bonus shares have not attracted many investors, as the shares tend to decline after the issue of bonus shares. Here are 2 stocks to buy that can give you bonus shares.

BLS International

The company has announced 1:1 bonus and the pre-bonus date is May 13, 2022. The company is a global tech-enabled services partner for governments and citizens across the globe providing visa, passport, consular, e-governance, verification, biometric, e-visa and retail services to embassies and governments around the world.

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It also provides civic services to state and provincial governments in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and the Middle East.

For the third quarter ended December 31, 2021. The company reported operating income of 78.6% YoY in 9MFY22 and 51.0% YoY in Q3FY22, driven by opening up of economies and pick-up in travel.

EBITDA for Q3FY22 is 91.7% YoY with an EBITDA margin of 11.2%, up from 8.8% in Q3FY21. EBITDA and margins for 9MFY22 also improved. This is due to operational efficiencies and cost rationalization. The company has also diversified into other high growth tech-enabled services for UP, Punjab, Rajasthan, Afghanistan, Estonia and Nigeria, which are important in addition to last mile connectivity to SBI centers in the states to facilitate citizen services and financial inclusion. There are victories.

Vikram Thermo

Vikram Thermo has declared a Bonus of 4:1 and Ex-dividend as on 12th May, 2022. Vikram Thermo (India) Limited is dedicated to the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of research based life impacting products. The company has a force dedicated to reckon with need-driven innovation and an agent of change in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Vikram Thermo (India) has two well established brands under the Pharma Excipients segment DRCOAT – Methacylic Acid Copolymer based Basic Pharma Polymer and DRCOAT – Customized Readymix Pharma Polymer.

Things to remember about bonus shares

Bonus shares do not mean that the company is fundamentally strong, nor does it mean that an investor will make profits. What the company is announcing, after the completion of the bonus issue, will see a fall in its share price. So, if a company’s share is quoted at Rs 100 and has declared a 1:1 bonus, the share may drop to Rs 50 after the ex-dividend date.

It may not always happen in the same logical way, but stocks certainly have the potential to fall. Do your research thoroughly before making a purchase at any company that announces bonuses.