1 million in lakhs, 1 million = lakh

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It’s been a long time since the Internet first came into India however since the year 2016 the majority of people are now using it. and after that, you’ll notice a phrase a lot on Facebook Instagram as well as YouTube term is known as Million. After all, this word means in the current post? How much is 1 million? Also, you’ll have all the details on the number of zeros in 1 million.

If you’re one of those who think after seeing 530 million views written in thumbnails of YouTube Videos What’s the significance of this number If you are also using social media? Then is a chance that you have witnessed 5K Likes, 2k comments written in this manner using words such as K or M.

Of these, we can understand the meaning behind M, that’s Million. But as per Indian calculation, it is extremely important to understand what a million actually means and why, therefore we’ll provide you with all the details on this subject in this article. We will provide.

What is the value of 1 million?

Many people’s question is: how much one million dollars? Then you’ll get the answer in this article. Million is referred to as 10-lakh in Hindi So if the question of the people who asked what is the value of one million and you can answer that the number one is equivalent to 10 lakh. We can determine it using the form of 1,000,000. And There are 6 zeros in one Million. In order to write Million in a way that is simple In many places, you will see it written in the form M. The meaning is the same as 10 Lakh If you happen to see 5M anywhere, you must know that it is 50 Lakh. is written.

Indian Counting Number System Chart

Indian Counting Number System runs to count or count India as well as understand in plain English as ten, hundred, thousand, etc. So, below we have created a chart that you can look at the chart and understand it extremely clearly. It is possible to determine who is known as 1 lakh, and the number of zeros present in 10 lakhs (or 10 million).

If you don’t understand these concepts in any way or want to educate your children about these things, you could demonstrate this chart to them through this chart. They will be able to easily master Hindi counting extremely well.

identity in Hindiidentity in EnglishDigi recognitionzero
Ten thousandTen Thousand100004
lakhHundred Thousand1000005
One millionOne Million10000006
Ten millionTen Million100000007
One hundred millionOne Hundred Million1000000008
ArabOne Billion10000000009
ten billionTen Billion1000000000010
trillionHundred Billion10000000000011
10 BillionOne Trillion100000000000012
blueTen Trillion1000000000000013
ten nilHundred Trillion10000000000000014
PadamOne Quadrillion100000000000000015
ten padamTen Quadrillion1000000000000000016
ShellHundred Quadrillion10000000000000000017
ten conch shellQuintillion100000000000000000018

Who is known as 1M?

In this day and age, people continue to change their languages, such as (ten thousand) or (ten thousand) or 1000 (one thousand) certain people prefer saying 10Kor 1K If you’re one of them, you may at you, too, you want to alter your behavior. You could also make use of these terms, but the issue is that you don’t have any idea what 1K means what it means or 1M means what? In relation to what is happening, we’ve tried to clarify it by creating an illustration below.

If you aren’t sure the meaning of these words If you are interested in knowing more about the meanings, and you’ll be able to get all the information you need, in this chart, we have given you the definition of 1K in the Indian Rupee.

K, M, Billion, TrillionIndian
1K1,000 rupees
10K10,000 rupees
100K1 lakh rupees
1 Million10 lakh rupees
10 MillionRs 100 lakh or Rs 1 crore
100 Million10 crore rupees
1 Billion100 crore rupees = 1 billion/1000 million rupees
10 Billion1000 crore rupees
100 Billion10,000 crore rupees
1 Trillion1000 billion rupees/10 trillion rupees
10 Trillion1 million billion rupees


You’ve probably observed that on Facebook posts or YouTube video views, as well as likes you can get 1M, 2M and so on, up to 999M. After that, the count shifts and after a million, it begins counting in billion. Many people ask a question about how many lakhs there are in 1 million? The answer is 1 Million is 10 Lakhs and 10M is the number in India we refer to it as one crore because it is 100 Lakhs.

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